Sunday, March 29, 2015




 College of Southern Nevada
CSN Henderson Campus
Sort Code H6C
700 College Drive
Henderson, NV 89002

Phone No.  (702) 651-3500

Fax No. (702) 651-3533



Academy Staff:

  • Executive Director: Joe Forti 
  • Academic Director: Terry L. Pippin
  • Office Manager: Heather Geeb 
  • TAC Officers: Sergeant Randy Rysewyk,Henderson Police Department
  • Officer Dave Dawson, Henderson Police Department
  • Officer Jack McDonald, Henderson Corrections
  • Officer Bobby Vukanovick, City of Las Vegas Department of Detention 

Are You Interested in a Career in Law Enforcement?

  • Graduates of a Category 1 academy will receive 33 Criminal Justice credits and a Category 1 diploma which is approved by the Nevada POST Committee.  Graduates of a Category 2 & 3 academy will receive 23 Criminal Justice credits and Category 2 & 3 diplomas; which are also Nevada POST approved. The POST certificates are good for two years from the date of graduation. The Criminal Justice credits will go towards an Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice, with a LETA emphasis.
  • Program is full-time, Monday through Thursday, with occasional Fridays. The hours are 0700 to 1730 for twenty-two weeks. There are occasional swing shift days for training purposes.
  • Graduates from the program are currently working as law enforcement officers in many different law enforcement agencies in the State of Nevada.
  • Interested non-affiliated applicants must pass a written exam, oral board, and physical fitness test. Applicants will then proceed to a background check, psychological exam, and a physical exam. Applicants will need a letter from the physician stating they're qualified to participate in the academy.
  • Applicants must be 21 years old and  ALREADY  possess a Nevada Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) Permit. Permit must be for one of the authorized academy firearms.

We are currently considering having an academy class start in Spring 2015 with a second one starting in Fall 2015. If you are interested in this upcoming academy, please email your name and contact information, with a visible email address to  We will let you know, as the date nears, what the finalized information on that academy will be. Please note that we have finished taking applications for the Spring 2015 academy and we will send out notifications when we start the application process for the Fall 2015.

Current Agency's Resources

The Southern Desert Regional Police Academy is a consortium between the City of Henderson Police Department, City of North Las Vegas Police Department, College of Southern Nevada, and Las Vegas Department of Detention and Enforcement.