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Welcome to the Dance Program

Mission Statement

Recognizing dance as the oldest of the arts, the CSN Dance Program is dedicated to its renewed promulgation as a vital 21st century art form. In so doing the program makes available to students and community members alike, all the accompanying benefits that association with such an elevating pursuit affords. These benefits include varied opportunities to create, perform and view dance; to increase the strength, flexibility and coordination of the physical instrument; to refine social interaction; and to deepen and diversify aesthetic perceptions. We assert that in a society increasingly defined by technology it is the inescapable human element present in dance that enjoins its educational and artistic role in building the human spirit.


The CSN Dance Program offers classes in modern dance, ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom, dance improvisation, choreography, performance, and dance appreciation. For a complete list of current offerings, please see

Current Class Schedule
Dance Class Descriptions
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Kelly Roth, program head/discipline advisor


CSN Dance Program offers a variety of exciting performance opportunities, both formal and informal, as well as touring regionally and internationally.


New Dance Certificate Offered

This Certificate of Achievement (CoA) provides preparation for those wishing to pursue teaching opportunities in dance, or enhance their ability to succeed in the professional dance world.

see Dance CoA here


Special Events

Upcoming Dance Events

The critically acclaimed
Dance in the Desert Festival Las Vegas


History of CSN Dance Concerts

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For more Information contact the CSN Dance Program:
Phone: (702) 651- 4201
Fax: (702) 651- 4765
Email: Dance Program
The Dance Program office is on the Cheyenne Campus in Room S-180.
CSN Dance Studio is in Room S-177