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Welcome to the Ralph & Betty Engelstad School of Health Sciences

The Ralph & Betty Engelstad School of Health Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene.  There are 12 Associate Degree programs; 11 Certificates of Achievement; and 15 Certificates of Completion.  The Charleston Campus located at the Southeast corner of Torrey Pines Drive and West Charleston Boulevard, is the site of the Health Sciences Programs.  While the majority of health program prerequisites and general education requirements may be taken at any of the three main campus locations, health program coursework is held primarily at the Charleston campus.  All program information is available at

Entrance into many of the Health Sciences Programs is limited.  The Health Programs Advisement Office holds weekly orientation on the step-by-step procedures for admission.  Orientation is required of all students interested in applying to a Limited- Entry Program.  To obtain specific dates and times of these orientations please call (702) 651-5015.  If you have further questions, you may contact one of the Health Programs Advisement Offices by calling (702) 651-5690 or (702) 651-5685.  The Health Advisement Offices are located at the Charleston and Cheyenne campuses.    


  • Dental Sciences, Diagnostic Evaluation & Rehabilitation Services
  • Health Related Professions
  • Nursing

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