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CSN Department of Mathematics

Department E-Mail Address: math@csn.edu

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CHARLESTON CAMPUS - 702.651.7472
Patrick Villa Department Chairperson patrick.villa@csn.edu Room H 101-K
Donna Coker Administrative Assistant donna.coker@csn.edu Room H 101
CHEYENNE CAMPUS - 702.651.4029
JoAnn Friedrich Assistant Dept Chairperson joann.friedrich@csn.edu Room S143-F
September Boles Administrative Assistant september.boles@csn.edu Room S143
HENDERSON CAMPUS - 702.651.3564
Sherry Norris Assistant Dept Chairperson sherry.norris@csn.edu Room B 146
Amanda Oliver Administrative Assistant amanda.oliver@csn.edu Room B 136

Course Access, Materials, & Other Resources

Course Resources:

Below MATH 95:

MATH 95 & 96

MATH 104

MATH 116

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MATH 120

MATH 122 & 123

MATH 124

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MATH 126, 127 & 128

MATH 132

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MATH 181

MATH 283

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Charleston Campus Full-Time Faculty, Fax: 702.651.5881, Mail Sort W10H

Name Information E-Mail Office Phone
Mr. Denny Burzynski Webpage denny.burzynski@csn.edu H 101-E 702.651.7566
Ms. E.J. Cha Webpage eun.cha@csn.edu I 309-T 702.651.7681
Mr. Gary Cohen Webpage gary.cohen@csn.edu B 119-C 702.651.5812
Mr. Billy Duke Webpage billy.duke@csn.edu I 309-P 702.651.7678
Mr. Davis Finley, PhD Webpage davis.finley@csn.edu H 101-P 702.651.5713
Mr. Michael Greenwich, PhD Webpage michael.greenwich@csn.edu H 101-A 702.651.5884
Mr. David Hervey Webpage david.hervey@csn.edu I 309-R 702.651.7679
Ms. Christina Hughes Webpage tina.hughes@csn.edu H 101-J 702.651.5687
Mr. Eric Hutchinson Webpage eric.hutchinson@csn.edu H 101-C 702.651.7512
Mr. Joel Johnson, PhD Webpage joel.johnson@csn.edu H 101-H 702.651.7408
Mr. Aminul KM Webpage aminul.km@csn.edu B 119-D 702.651.5832
Mr. Josh Martin Webpage joshua.martin@csn.edu H 101-G 702.651.7579
Mr. Jim Matovina Webpage jim.matovina@csn.edu H 101-Q 702.651.5801
Ms. Frieda Nilforoushan Webpage frieda.nilforoushan@csn.edu H 101-W 702.651.5861
Ms. Kala Sathappan Webpage kala.sathappan@csn.edu I 309-V 702.651.7682
Ms. Ingrid Stewart, PhD Webpage ingrid.stewart@csn.edu H 101-S 702.651.5692
Mr. Patrick L. Villa, Dept Chair Webpage patrick.villa@csn.edu H 101-K 702.651.7513

Cheyenne Campus Full-Time Faculty, Fax: 702.651.4825, Mail Sort S1A

Name Information E-Mail
Ms. JoAnn Friedrich, Asst Dept Chair   joann.friedrich@csn.edu
Ms. Jennifer Gorman, PhD   jennifer.gorman@csn.edu
Mr. Ted Howard   ted.howard@csn.edu
Mr. Christopher King Webpage christopher.king@csn.edu
Mr. James Lee Webpage james.lee@csn.edu
Mr. Alok Pandey Webpage alok.pandey@csn.edu A2708 702.651.4793
Mr. Jonathan Pearsall Webpage jonathan.pearsall@csn.edu
Ms. Suzie Pickle, PhD Webpage maria.pickle@csn.edu
Ms. Lisa Savy Webpage lisa.savy@csn.edu
Ms. Lois Summers Webpage lois.summers@csn.edu
Ms. Megan Swallia   megan.swallia@csn.edu

Henderson Campus Full-Time Faculty, Fax: 702.651.3540, Mail Sort H10B

Name Information E-Mail Office Phone
Ms. Froozan Afiat, PhD Webpage froozan.afiat@csn.edu B 130-H 702.651.3085
Mr. Bill Frost Webpage bill.frost@csn.edu B 147 702.651.3569
Mr. Joe McDonald Webpage joseph.mcdonald@csn.edu B 130-D 702.651.3084
Ms. Sherry Norris, Asst. Dept Chair Webpage sherry.norris@csn.edu B 146 702.651.3011
Mr. Ji Sheng Wang, PhD   ji.wang@csn.edu B 130-B 702.651.3108
Mr. Tityik Wong, PhD Webpage tityik.wong@csn.edu B 130-G 702.651.3097
Mr. Ronnie Yates Webpage ronald.yates@csn.edu

Professors Emeriti

Mr. Jim Culliver Mr. Branko Djurisic Mr. Dennis Donohue
Ms. Robin Grenz Mr. Edwin Horn Mr. Garry Knight
Mr. Marion Littlepage Mr. Glenn Pfeifer, PhD Mr. Mike Tomme
Ms. Michelle Wyatt    

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