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The Paralegal Studies program is designed to prepare students to assist the legal profession in making services available to the public.  The program of study qualifies its graduates to be employed in law related occupations, including private law practice, corporate practice and public law practice.  Substantive law is combined with thorough preparation in legal procedures to emphasize practical knowledge.  Graduates of the program will be prepared to perform legal work of high quality under the direction of an attorney.  The program will also provide the opportunity for those employed in law-related occupations to improve and supplement their skill.

 Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS)

 Paralegal Studies (AAS)

& Guided Course Pathway


 Certificate of Achievement (CoA)

Paralegal Studies

& Guided Course Pathway


 Course Descriptions 

  • LAW 101   Fundamentals of Law I

  • LAW 102   Fundamentals of Law II

  • LAW 201   Business Law I for Legal Assistants 

  • LAW 202B Business Law II for Legal Assistants

  • LAW 204   Torts

  • LAW 205   Contracts

  • LAW 231   Civil Procedure

  • LAW 232   Criminal Procedure

  • LAW 234   Civil Procedure II

  • LAW 250   Administrative Law

  • LAW 251   Bankruptcy

  • LAW 252   Family Law

  • LAW 253   Law Office Management

  • LAW 255   Probate Procedures

  • LAW 258   Constitutional Law

  • LAW 259   Legal Writing

  • LAW 261   Legal Research I

  • LAW 262   Legal Research II

  • LAW 263   Ethics

  • LAW 264   Civil Evidence

  • LAW 267B Legal Office Practice & Procedure

  • LAW 295   Supervised Field Experience

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