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NSHE Strategic Plan

2010-2017 CSN Strategic Plan

On September 9, 2010, the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents approved CSN's Strategic Plan for 2010-2017.

The approved version of the 2010-2017 Strategic Plan is located here:


2010-2017 CSN Strategic Plan - Final Version


Annual Progress Reports

Strategic Plan Revisions

2011 Strategic Plan Annual Report


2011-2012 Strategic Plan Revision


2012 Strategic Plan Annual Report


2012-2013 Strategic Plan Revision


2013 Strategic Plan Annual Report

2013-2014 Strategic Plan Revision 

2014 Strategic Plan Annual Report

 2014-2015 Strategic Plan Revision

2015 Strategic Plan Annual Report

2015-2016 Strategic Plan Revision 

2016 Strategic Plan Annual Report 

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The process to plan and produce the 2010-2017 Strategic Plan is listed below.

2009-2010 CSN Strategic Planning Process

Stage II

1.      The NSHE Board of Regents approved the new mission, vision, and values statements for the College on April 2, 2009.

Link here to review:

The process, working documents, and the composition of the first committee can be reviewed HERE


Recording of Meeting and Forums

Strategic Planning Recording - Meeting 1


Strategic Planning Recording - Forum 1


Strategic Planning - Forum 2


Strategic Planning Webcast - Presentation 4-12-2010



3.      The next stage of the process involves development of strategies. In assigning members to the committee, the issues of inclusion and diversity in all their multi-faceted respects were considered and embraced.

2009-2010 Strategic Planning Committee Members 


4.      The process: Click to view PERT chart

Guiding principles and documents

Please participate in the process

Committee meeting schedule: September 18, 2009, October 2, 2009, November 20, 2009, December 11, 2009, January 22, 2010

8.      2009 Campus Town Hall Meetings: October 1, Charleston Campus, K-101, 5:00 pm, October 6, Cheyenne Campus, Room #2411, 1:00 pm, October 8, Henderson Campus, Room C-133, 2:00 pm

9.      The work of the CSN strategic planning committee is in its final stages. Enclosed you will find the draft Strategic Plan for 2010-2017 and a copy of the committee presentation to the Cabinet on April 12, 2010. For comments and feedback, please contact or

Stage I 

Participate in the Planning Process

Strategic Planning Process and Timeline

Meeting Minutes

Planning Document Library 

Strategic Planning Cabinet Presentation IIPlanning Team Members and Task Groups