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Department of Physical Sciences

Charleston Campus - 702.651.7475
Cheyenne Campus - 702.651.4009
Henderson Campus - 702.651.3131

Department E-Mail Address: physic@csn.edu

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Department Chair: Dr. Peter Lanagan, West Charleston Campus, Room H-201-F, 702.651.7412
Assistant Chair: Dr. Barry Perlmutter, Cheyenne Campus, Room S-221-G, 702.651.4389
Assistant Chair: Ms. Barbara Graham, Henderson Campus, Room C-200-C, 702.651.3137
Administrative Assistant: Ms. Valerie White-Perry

Charleston Campus Faculty & Staff - Fax: 702.651.5914 - Mail Sort W20H
Name Discipline Information E-Mail Office Phone
Dr. David Batchelor Astronomy Webpage david.batchelor@csn.edu H-301-E 702.651.5951
Mr. Patrick Clennan Geography Webpage patrick.clennan@csn.edu H-301-C 702.651.7501
Dr. Mark Garner Chemistry Webpage mark.garner@csn.edu H-201-J 702.651.7503
Mr. Marion Hammond Chemistry Webpage marion.hammond@csn.edu H-301-Q 702.651.5855
Mr. Milton Hawthorn, DT-II Lab Prep   milton.hawthorn@csn.edu G-205 702.651.5714
Dr. John Keller Environmental Science Webpage john.keller@csn.edu H-201-H 702.651.5887
Dr. Peter Lanagan, Dept. Chair Astronomy/Physics Webpage peter.lanagan@csn.edu H-201-F 702.651.7412
Mr. Kazumasa Lindley, SRA-II Lab Prep   kazumasa.lindley@csn.edu G-308 702.651.5079
Dr. Harold Nations Astronomy Webpage harold.nations@csn.edu H-301-A 702.651.7491
Ms. Gunay Ozkan Chemistry Webpage gunay.ozkan@csn.edu H-301-F 702.651.7506
Mr. Brian Schmidt Chemistry Webpage brian.schmidt@csn.edu H-201-E 702.651.5963
Dr. Cindy Shroba Geology Webpage cindy.shroba@csn.edu H-301-G 702.651.7427
Mr. Allan Tucka Physics Webpage allan.tucka@csn.edu H201-M 702.651.7321
Dr. Qilin Wu Physics Webpage qilin.wu@csn.edu H-201-G 702.651.7509
Cheyenne Campus Faculty & Staff - Fax: 702.651.4625 - Mail Sort S2B
Name Discipline Information E-Mail Office Phone
Mr. Theodore Bellows, DT-II Lab Prep   theodore.bellows@csn.edu S248 702.651.4134
Dr. Carlos Delgado Physics Webpage carlos.delgado@csn.edu S-224-A 702.651.4528
Dr. Stephanie Fiorenza Astronomy/Physics Webpage stephanie.Fiorenza@csn.edu S206-A 702.651.4456
Mr. David Goldwater Astronomy Webpage david.goldwater@csn.edu S221-F 702.651.4891
Dr. Amanda Hudson Chemistry Webpage amanda.hudson@csn.edu 1064-J 702.651.4094
Dr. Kraig Knapp Chemistry Webpage kraig.knapp@csn.edu S221-K 702.651.4230
Mr. James Ormord Chemistry Webpage james.ormord@csn.edu S-213-A 702.651.4625
Dr. Barry Perlmutter, Assist. Chair Environmental Science Webpage barry.perlmutter@csn.edu S221-G 702.651.4389
Dr. Roger Rennels Chemistry Webpage roger.rennels@csn.edu S221-M 702.651.4133
Dr. Douglas Sims Environmental Science Webpage douglas.sims@csn.edu 1064-H 702.651.4840
Mr. Douglas Walton, SRA-II Lab Prep   douglas.walton@csn.edu S-213 702.651.4024
Henderson Campus Faculty & Staff - Fax: 702.651.3161 - Mail Sort H3C
Name Discipline Information E-Mail Office Phone
Dr. Thomas Gill Chemistry Webpage thomas.gill@csn.edu C-200-A 702.651.3142
Ms. Barbara Graham, Assist. Chair Geography Webpage barbara.graham@csn.edu C-200-C 702.651.3137
Ms. Gale Martin Geology Webpage gale.martin@csn.edu C-200-E 702.651.3141
Professors Emeriti
Dr. Barbara Smigel
Dr. Dale Etheridge
Ms. Carolyn Collins
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