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 Find Your Career @ CSN 

Undecided about your major? 

Need to jumpstart your career exploration? 

Looking to learn more about yourself?

Graduating and need a resume?

We have the program for you!


Find Your Career @ CSN is a joint service of the Counseling Department and Career Services & ReEntry Program to assist students discover their educational and career path to Success.   Counselors, Advisors, and Career Specialists help students through guided exploration and access to tools and resources.

Services provided are:

  • Free Online Assessments (Access Below)
  • Assessment Interpretation
  • Career Counseling
  • Academic Advisement
  • Career Exploration and Guidance
  • Career Preparation (Resume, Job Interview Tips, etc.)

Start your exploration here!

TypeFocus Careers Assessment

TypeFocus Careers assesses your personality type and automatically incorporates it into five personalized reports.  These reports offer insight into self-awareness that help in making effective choices in these topics:

  • What career choices fit with my personality?
  • How can I improve my chances for getting a job?
  • How can I get along with people better?
  • What are my learning style strengths?


  • Print out the Getting Started Guide.
  • Use your CSN student number whenever possible.
  • Complete both Personality and Success Factor Questionnaires.
  • Make an appointment with a Counselor or Advisor to help you interpret your report or with a Career Specialist for career preparation.
  • Complete all the portions of the assessment for maximum benefit.


 To setup a username and password and start your assessment, click on the TypeFocus  Careers logo:



Find Your Career @ CSN Team

Career Specialists

Cheryl Cornelius, Cheyenne Campus - 651-4049

Erica O'toole, Cheyenne Campus - 651-4144

Deborah Mzhickteno, Charleston Campus - 651-5670

Rita Smith, Charleston Campus -  651-7562

Geneva Harris, Henderson Campus - 651-3165

Paula Thompson, Henderson Campus - 651-3129


Kelly Wuest, Director- 651-5928

Health Program Advising
International Center Advising

Miriam Capistrano, Charleston Campus - 651-5690

Aster Yehdego, Charleston Campus - 651-5824

Stacey Vanada, Charleston Campus - 651-5823



Definition of Preferences

Sample Report

Descriptive Statistics