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Welcome to the Cashier's Office

We provide a number of services including cashiering, fee assessment and collection, and other cash collections to include sponsored project management and reporting; refunds and loan collection.  Questions regarding financial aid disbursements must be addressed to the financial aid office.  If you have questions or comments that you wish to direct to the staff, please feel free to e-mail them at the Cashier's Office address:

Cheyenne Campus
Fax: 702-651-4414

Henderson Campus
Fax: 702-651-3780

West Charleston Campus
Fax: 702-651-7388



Tuition and fees are due by the due date each semester.  See dates and deadlines page for Spring 2015.  After the tuition due date if payment is not made the same day as registration then classes can and will be dropped daily.  Also in MyCSN if you have paid for all classes by tuition due date and then add another class, you must pay for this additional class the same day as registration before midnight or you will be dropped from ALL your classes even if you have paid for some of the classes.  
Payment plans are offered (Spring and Fall Semesters Only) to students who are registered in 6 credits or more.  Payment plans are divided into installments to be paid monthly.  A payment plan without any payment or partial payment for the total fees due on the 1st installment WILL NOT hold classes.  However, do not assume you will automatically be dropped for partial or nonpayment. For the second installment and later a 10% late fee (or $10 which ever is greater) will be charged to your outstanding installment balance if not paid in full.  After the 1st installment is paid in full on due charges you will no longer be dropped for non payment of subsequent installments.  If you wish to no longer attend, then you must drop classes.  All refund rules apply when dropping classes on payment plans.  
Millennium Scholarship Students: (Effective Fall 2011)
        Fall / Spring semester may pay their portion online via MyCSN.  
        Summer semester must pay in full then get reimbursed the middle of the Fall Semester.


Outside Scholarship Students:  please contact any Financial Aid Office with details, checks and documentation.
For a detailed listing of fees see the tuition and fee page.


Methods of Payment:  we accept cash, checks, money orders, debit and credit cards. 
Effective Fall 2011 in MyCSN we will accept e-checks as well.  Also debit and credit cards must be paid online at MyCSN in self service.  Make checks payable to "Board of Regents".


Automatic Deposit of Student Refunds:  available with a  Student Direct Deposit Refund Enrollment through MyCSN. 
Student Refunds:  It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks from the start of the semester to receive refunds either as a check or direct deposit to your bank account.  No one should assume that their address is correct in the system.  Check address periodically to ensure it is correct.  It is ALWAYS your responsibility to drop classes to ensure meeting deadlines for refunds.  DO NOT assume you will be dropped from classes for nonpayment. 
Employee Payroll Direct Deposit:  See HR_Direct_Deposit_Page for info and Employee_Self_Service to enroll in employee direct deposit.

Hours of Operation for All Campuses:

8 am - 6:30 pm
Tuesday - Friday
8 am - 5 pm

Charlene McLean
Interim Assistant Director of Student Accounts
Program Officer I


Leigh Ann Swayze
Accountant Technician I


Jaime Mier
Information Technology Technician I


Charleston, Cheyenne & Henderson Campus Supervisors

Joya Torrey
Accounting Assistant IV
Veronica Ochoa
Accounting Assistant III
William Ehe
Accounting Assistant II


Cashier Office Staff


Donna Aaron

Judith Acedo

June Berry

Patricia Blake

Laura Clark

Shawn Hendry

Theresa Pugh

Janet Perez

 Nathan Knapp