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This page is a guide to recommended library and online resources related to Dance. If you need help, ask a CSN librarian.

Background Information
Online Videos

Background Information: Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias are great places to get quick and factual information. Here is a list of selected dictionaries and encyclopedias:


Article databases provide a wealth of articles from newspapers, magazines, and trade and academic journals. Below is a list of selected article databases.

Tips on using databases: Limit your search to full-text to get the whole article instead of a summary. Limit your search to peer-reviewed or academic/scholarly articles if you want to find articles from academic journals only.

eBooks: (Electronic Books)

From the CSN Library you can not only get print books you can also read eBooks. Below are links to lists of Dance related eBooks. To find additional eBooks and print books, search in the CSN Library Catalog:


While there are millions of websites out there, they do not always provide you with reliable information. Below is a list of selected reliable websites.

Tips on using websites: When in doubt, evaluate! See if you can identify who is responsible for the website’s content and that the information is credible, unbiased, and current. Use the Evaluating Websites guide to be sure the website is appropriate for college level research.

Online Videos

Online videos can be a great source for college level research projects. Below are links to Dance related online videos. To find additional CSN online videos and DVDs, search in the CSN Library Catalog.

Last updated: August 18, 2011