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Welcome to the Office of Institutional Research

Please use the links below to explore our site. Reports are updated throughout the year. Click on the I.R. Report Library link below to find accountability reports. 


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Contact Us

John Bearce
Director Institutional Research
Phone: 651-7454 Fax: 651-7398

John Bardacino
Research Analyst
Phone: 651-7463 Fax: 651-7398

Jeff Buchwald
Research Analyst
Phone: 651-7416 Fax: 651-7398

Scott Camero
Research Analyst
Phone: 651-7698 Fax: 651-7398

Pam Gallion
Research Analyst
Phone: 651-7359 Fax: 651-7398

Laura Yavitz
Research Analyst
Phone: 651-5874 Fax: 651-7584 

Mailing Address

Sort Code W30E
6375 West Charleston Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89146

We assist and support accreditation, institutional research, accountability, and strategic planning. Our goal is to provide accurate, relevant and timely information for use by the college community and external constituencies.