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Certification, Licensing and Pre-Admission Exams

NNAAP Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Exam

What is the CNA Exam?
The CNA exam is offered to people aspiring to be a certified nursing assistant. This exam will prove the participant's ability in their field. The required exam is offered in computerized written or computerized oral forms and is scheduled through the CNA Testing Desk (Building K, Phone: [702] 651-5795). All manual skills exams are scheduled through the CNA Testing Desk.
Who is eligible to take the CNA Exam?
All CNA applicants must be on the Nevada State Board of Nursing approved list.
How much is the fee for CNA Exam? (Tuition and fees are subject to change by the Board of Regents)
The fee for the CNA Written Exam and CNA Oral Exam is $30.00 each. The fees for the CNA Manual Skills Exam is $90.00.
How long are the CNA Exams?
Both the CNA Written Exam and CNA Oral Exam are 90 minutes long. The CNA Manual Skills Exam is 35 minutes long.
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TEAS Pre-Admission Examination



What is the TEAS Pre-Admission Examination?

The TEAS  Pre-Admission Examination are offered to people aspiring to be in the registered nurse program or applying to a school of practical nursing

When is the TEAS Pre-Admission Examination?

Information on obtaining the application packet for testing may be procured from CSN's Nursing Department.

  • For Information about this exam CLICK HERE

    Dental Assisting & Dental Hygiene Program - Dexterity & Spatial Perception Tests

    As you know, the fields of Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene are challenging and rewarding professions that requires specific skills and abilities. As requested by the CSN Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene Program, we will be providing two assessments needed to complete your application process.

    The two assessments will measure your fine finger dexterity skills and also your spatial perception. These are highly standardized tests that will compare your aptitude in these two areas against other national norms of training applicants and employed individuals. Please be aware that this is only one part of the application process and results will be used only as one component of the overall application.

    1. Go to the CASHIER in Bldg D, tell them you’re from the Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene Program and PAY the $25.00 FEE. (Cash, charge, or check payable to Board of Regents.) (Tuition and fees are subject to change by the Board of Regents)

    2. Return to BUILDING A, ROOM 210B with the RECEIPT so your name may be ADDED to the test ROSTER.
    On test day:
    1. Report to Testing Center (D-110) at the scheduled time with a picture ID.
    2. Bring two #2 pencils.
    3. Expect testing to take 2-3 hours.

    Re-testing will be permitted once for a fee of $5.00.If you fail to appear for your scheduled test, you may reschedule for a fee of $5.00. Should you have any further questions about the program, procedures, or retesting, please contact the Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene office at 651-5577.

    (Tuition and fees are subject to change by the Board of Regents)

    Testing dates are Saturdays -

    At 12:00 PM as follows:

      • 09/28/2013
      • 10/12/2013
      • 10/26/2013
      • 11/09/2013
      • 11/23/2013
      • 12/14/2013
      • 12/21/2013
      • 01/04/2014
      • 01/11/2014
      • 01/18/2014
      • 01/25/2014   

    Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene Candidates

    Do not call the Testing Center for test results – their function is only to administer the exam.

    See below to obtain the results of your manual dexterity test:

    For Applicants in the LAS VEGAS AREA:
    • please wait 5 business days
    • you must appear in-person with a picture ID - Confidential information cannot be given over the phone
    • go to Building K, Room 122 (W Charleston) Limited Entry Office
    For OUT OF TOWN Applicants:
    • The results will be mailed out to the mailing address that you provided.

    Additional Pre-Admission Exams

    • LSAT (Law School Admission)