Thursday, April 17, 2014



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February 28 thru April 26, 2014
(8 pm, Friday and Saturday)
Back to the Moon for Good and Stargazing
February 28 thru April 26, 2014
(7:00 pm, Friday & Saturday)
Wonders of the Universe and Stargazing
February 28 thru April 26, 2014
(6 pm Friday, 3:30 & 6 pm Saturday)
Zula Patrol: Down to Earth and Stargazing
Coming May 2, 2014 Bad Astronomy, Experience the Aurora, Secret of the Cardboard Rocket









Programs are presented every Friday at 6:00 pm, 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm and every Saturday at 3:30 pm, 6:00 pm, 7:00 pm & 8:00 pm. Presentations start on time and there is no late seating.

Admission prices are:
General Admission: $6.00
Discount Admission: $4.00

Seniors over 55, children under 12 and students of CSN qualify for the discount price. Youth groups, where one person buys all of the tickets, also qualify for the discount price.  Please see our group reservation policy.

Student Appreciation Night:  On the first Friday of each month, The Planetarium presents free admission to either the 6 pm, 7 pm or 8 pm performance with a valid CSN Student ID. If you do not have a Student ID Card yet, visit the Student Government area on any of the three main campuses of CSN.

The Big Dipper Program:  For our regular customers. Give us your e-mail address and receive a Big Dipper card. For each ticket you buy, get a star punched on the Big Dipper card. Once all seven stars in the Big Dipper are punched, receive a free ticket and a new card. Your e-mail address will only be used to announce new shows and special events at The Planetarium.

Evening at The Planetarium:  Spend the entire evening at The Planetarium.  If you buy tickets for both of two consecutive shows, you can get the second show tickets for half price.  If the weather is clear, stay a little longer for free telescope viewing after the 8:00 pm show.

Total Lunar Eclipse:  There will be a total lunar eclipse visible from Las Vegas on Monday evening, April 14. The moon will begin to enter the darkest part of the earth’s shadow, called the umbra, at 10:58 pm. The beginning of totality, with the moon entirely within the umbra, will occur at 12:06 pm. The total phase of the eclipse will end at 1:25 am as the moon begins to leave the umbra. The final partial phase of the eclipse will end at 2:33 am. Weather permitting, the eclipse will be visible from anywhere in North America without optical aid.

If the weather is clear, the CSN Planetarium and Student Observatory will be open for the public starting at 10 pm with a brief lecture on eclipses in The Planetarium by CSN Astronomy Professor David Goldwater. Please note that seating in The Planetarium is limited to a maximum of 75 people who will be seated in the order of arrival until our capacity is reached. At the conclusion of the lecture, we will be showing our feature fulldome presentation Back to the Moon for Good . These free presentations will end just before the eclipse begins. While the opening activity in The Planetarium does have a seating limit, there will be no restrictions on the free telescope viewing that follows.

After 8:00 pm performances, the telescopes at the Student Observatory will be open for viewing when the weather is clear.