CSN Testing:

We offer testing services for CSN Students. All tests require photo valid/unexpired ID (Government Issued or one that contains a photo, name and either your date of birth or your signature). Children are not allowed in the testing rooms.

CSN Professor Exams, The Placement Tests, CLEP/DANTES, or Other Institutional Testing.

CSN Professor Exams:

The Testing Center gives make-up exams for both online and in-person classes.

When you arrive for at the test center you will need your professor's last name and class (e.g.: English 101, Spanish 112). We store many tests, please have your professor's name or we may not be able to find your test.

  • To avoid the rush, come early. Several exams may expire on the same date, creating a waiting list. Coming early can avoid wait times.
  • Come with log in information for your class. Online exams are generally given through the platform used in class (Canvas, math labs, etc).
  • Phones and other electronic devices are not allowed. Leave them in a secure area before coming in or we will hold them for you.

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Placement Tests:

Placement tests are for any Math, English, and/or Reading courses. Degrees require some of each and new students are required to take them. They are free for CSN students for CSN classes, there will be a fee of $40.00 to transfer any or all of the test results to other institutions.

Please see Placement Testing for more information.

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CLEP and DANTES exams are available by appointment; each test appointment is $40.00 to CSN and $80.00 to CLEP or DANTES through the computer.

Please see CLEP/DANTES for more information.

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Other Institutional Testing:

We offer proctoring services for other universities and colleges. Even though you are a student of CSN, you are required to pay the proctoring fees for these exams. The fee is based on the amount of time the test allows, $40.00 for the first 2 hours (minimum) and $20.00 per hour (or portion of) beyond that.

Please see Non-CSN Testing for more information.

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Career Assessment:

The Testing Centers offer two different career assessment tests to help you understand what kind of career/college path you may want to venture. These tests are designed to assess your strengths and interests. The assessments are:

The price for either exam is $40.00. Once you have the log in information you can take them at home. To sign up, go to the testing center you wish to pick up the results and pay the fee once paid, you will get the web information.

Once completed you will need to call the Testing Center where you paid to have the results printed out. Printing can take up to 24 Hours. Career Services/Advising do not translate the WOWI or SII/MBTI. Career Services does work with TypeFocus more information at Career Services.

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Specific Campus Testing:


At the North Las Vegas Testing Center, we offer the CASTLE WORLDWIDE, inc. administration. These are high-stakes certification and licensing exams. Scheduling is done online at www.castleworldwide.com

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Typing Tests:

Offered only at the Henderson Testing Center, the typing certificate test is to certify your typing speed. These tests are by appointment and cost $40.00. The fee gives you three timed tests (in one sitting) and will award you a certificate.

  • ID is required. 
  • If you need more Certificates, each is $2.00.

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Pre Admission Testing:

We offer the pre-exams for the various programs require pre-exams at the Charleston Campus.

  • TEAS: The TEAS test is given on the computer or by paper, please see the following for more information and registering:TEAS Exam PDF
  • The TEAS website: www.atitesting.com
  • DDA/DH & Surgical Technology: Dexterity Testing and Spatial Testing (see below)

For the DDA/DH & Surgical Technology: Dexterity Testing and Spatial Testing:

On test day:

  1. Report to Testing Center (Building D, Room 110) at the scheduled time with a picture ID.
  2. Bring your MyCSN receipt for the test.
  3. Bring two #2 pencils.
  4. Expect testing to take 2-3 hours.

Re-testing will be permitted once for a fee of $5.00. If you fail to appear for your scheduled test, you may reschedule for a fee of $5.00. Should you have any further questions about the program, procedures, or retesting, please contact the Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene office at 702-651-5577.

(Tuition and fees are subject to change by the Board of Regents)

2017 Dates:

(Testing days are Saturdays @ 12 pm) Currently the Surgical Tech Program is looking to update their required Dexterity exam. This may alter when the exam for Surgical Tech is available and how many we will be able to handle in one session. Dental programs exams have not altered at this time.

Spatial/Dexterity Dates:

  • We currently do not have any set dates. We are currently looking into possible dates before the next deadline.

Dexterity Testing Procedures:

Dexterity and Spatial Perception Appointments:

  1. For the Dental Hygiene (DH), Dental Assistant (DA) and Surgical Tech (ST) applicants
  2. Pay through MyCSN. $25.00 (One time only Retake or Reschedule @ $5.00)
  3. Email Richard Marshall, to schedule an appointment.
  4. There are only 10 spots available for the each date.
    1. Please indicate 2 dates when making an appointment, in case your first choice is full.

To get your Dexterity and Spatial Perception scores:

  1. Go to MyCSN
  2. Click “Enter MyCSN Student Center”
  3. Under “Academics”
    1. Click “My Academics”
    2. Click “View my test scores”

To pay for your Dexterity and Spatial Perception scores:

  1. Go to MyCSN
  2. Click “Enter MyCSN Student Center”
  3. Under “Finances”
    1. Use the drop-down menu to select “Purchase Items”
    2. Click the “>>”
    3. Fill out the form for your test.