Terms of Service for CSN’s Non-Emergency Texting and Short Messaging Service (SMS)

University Police Services EMERGENCY texting has a separate Texting Terms of Service.

Purpose: CSN’s one-way (no reply) non-emergency text and SMS messages communicate dates, appointments, and critical operations related to academic advising, admissions, billing, tuition, counseling, financial aid, deadlines, onboarding steps, orientation, outreach, password reset and validation code, registration, retention services, and scholarships. There may be other critical messages as determined by the CSN President or designee. Text messaging will not be, and students shall not rely on them as, the sole or primary means of communicating this essential information. Rather, text and SMS messages will be used to supplement other means of communication such as email or paper notifications.

New and Re-Admitted CSN Students: Each student shall opt in or out at the time of admission. CSN will send a text message to confirm that the newly admitted or re-admitted student has signed up to receive non-emergency text messages. Failure of any student to opt-in will result in the student not receiving important communications via text and SMS messages.

Returning and Active CSN Students (defined as all students enrolled in coursework any time within the past two years): Each student with eligible contact information on file will receive a consent text (reply “YES” to Opt In, reply “STOP” to Opt Out) that identifies sender (CSN), approximate number of monthly messages the student may expect to receive, disclosure of possible carrier fees, and points to CSN’s URL with terms of service. CSN will send a text message confirming that the student has signed up to receive text messages.

Unsubscribing: Upon receiving a CSN TEXT or SMS message, a student can text "STOP" to unsubscribe at any time. CSN will send the student a SMS message to confirm that the student unsubscribed from all non-emergency text messaging. Unsubscribing from TEXT SMS does not allow for selective receipt of messages coming from a different department. After texting “STOP”, the student will no longer receive TEXT SMS messages from any CSN department.

Signing Up Again: If a student opts-out of all non-emergency text messaging and thereafter would like to opt-in, students can do so by submitting online at the following SUBSCRIBE NOW OPT-IN text messaging form

Carriers: CSN is able to deliver messages to most US-based mobile phone carriers. CSN is not liable for delayed or undelivered messages.

Applicable Data Rates: Message and data rates may apply for any messages sent to the student from CSN. Message frequency varies depending on services requested and related college operations associated with those services. For questions about particular text plan or data plan, contact your wireless provider. For all questions about CSN non-emergency text messaging, send an email to the CSN Help Desk.

Privacy: For questions regarding privacy, please read CSN’s privacy policy .