Centers for Academic Success

Organizational Chart

Academic Success Pie Chart

Seven Principles of Student Success

CAS Model for Strategic Planning & Initiatives

Director: Shellie Keller     Assistant Director: Robyn Rohde

Mission Statement

Centers for Academic Success (CAS) provides quality academic assistance to a diverse college population and supports classroom instruction through several academic support services to foster students' overall academic success.

Vision Statement

  • Centers for Academic Success is a student-focused resource for student learning and success:
  • Fostering students’ academic self-efficacy and personal accountability for their own learning
  • Providing resources and opportunities to students to improve their ability to learn and to achieve academic success
  • Helping students develop positive attitudes about learning and demonstrate higher-order cognitive thinking skills
  •  Supporting the academic standards and requirements of the institution by working collaboratively with college faculty and staff to maximize student success, and address learning needs, academic performance, and retention of students
  • Providing tutor training opportunities to promote quality services, collegiality, and professionalism to a diverse student population

Values Statement

  • Students: providing a safe and open environment for students to develop academically
  • Tutors and Learning Assistants: helping each develop their own unique and effective skills while maintaining an approachable demeanor
  • Faculty: collaborating to ensure quality services and academic excellence
  •  Learning: offering an environment that fosters autonomy and progress for students, staff and tutors alike
  • Institution: developing a program appropriate for the mission, vision and initiatives of the College of Southern Nevada (CSN)
  • Collegiality: requiring an atmosphere founded on mutual respect and cooperation between the diverse groups of tutors, students,  faculty and administration