How to Schedule with the Correct Counselor

Who Should See a Counselor?
Any current CSN student who has already taken courses at CSN, or a transfer student with credits from a regionally - accredited institution.

What About First-Time College Students?
First-time College Students (with no college credits earned) must schedule an appointment with an Advisor/Success Coach.

If you are a First-Time College Student and would like to get Advising sooner, you may enroll in a Group Advising Workshop sessions to assist with Fall 2018 course enrollment. 

To attend these sessions please make sure you have done the following:

1. Completed English/Math Placement Testing or submit ACT/SAT scores to the Testing Center

2. Completed the CSN Online Orientation located in your MyCSN student home page

3. Have the ability to Log-in to your GoCSN and MyCSN accounts 

If you meet the above criteria, please call (702) 651-3165 or (702) 651-2706 to schedule to attend a Group Advising Workshop.

What About Health Majors?

To schedule an appointment with a Health Science Advisor, students must:

1.  Attend a Health Program Orientation in Person OR Complete an Online Orientation.

2.  Schedule appointment with Health Science Advisor.

Know Your Major and Which Academic School It Belongs To
Before scheduling your appointment, make sure you know:

  1. Your declared major. Your major is listed in your student center in your MyCSN Account.
  2. What school handles your major. There are Counselors in each of the 5 Academic Schools and also Health Science Advisors in the School of Health Sciences. If you do not know which School your major is housed in, please visit our Academics Page to find the school where your major is housed.

It is important for students to meet with the appropriate Counselor in order to receive accurate guidance, avoid taking unnecessary course(s) which may result in excess credit fees, and to ensure timely graduation from CSN.

Changing Your Major?
If changing a major, students should schedule an appointment with the Counselor for the new major. To change from one program of study or major to another, including from personal-enrichment/non-degree seeking to degree-seeking, and vice versa, students must do so online from their MyCSN portal by following these instructions.

Please note: Counselors cannot change majors for any student. Students must do this themselves.

Make the Appointment!