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Who Should See a Counselor?
Any current CSN student who has already taken courses at CSN, or a transfer student with credits from a regionally - accredited institution.

What About First-Time College Students?
First-time College Students (with no college credits earned) must schedule an appointment with an Advisor/Success Coach.

What About Health Majors?

To schedule an appointment with a Health Program Advisor, students must:

1.  Attend a Health Program Orientation in Person OR Complete an Online Orientation

2.  Schedule appointment with Health Program Advisor.

How Do I Make an Appointment with a Counselor?

1.  Go to csn.edu

2.  Click "Login" and enter CSN username and password

3.  Click MyCoyotePLAN Icon (or search MyCoyotePLAN)

4.  Log-in with your CSN username and password

5.  Select your desired campus location for Academic Counseling

6.  Select Counselor’s name and click on arrow

7.  Click "Schedule" and select "Academic Counseling"

8.  Choose the primary reason you wish to meet with an Academic Counselor

9.  Click "Continue"

10.  Select a date range and time that works best for you

11.  Click "Continue"

12.  Enter any additional information related to your appointment

13.  Confirm your appointment


Changing Your Major?
If changing a major, students should schedule an appointment with the Counselor for the new major. To change from one program of study or major to another, including from personal-enrichment/non-degree seeking to degree-seeking, and vice versa, students must do so online from their MyCSN portal by following these instructions.

Please note: Counselors cannot change majors for any student. Students must do this themselves.