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Faculty E-Alert System

The electronic student referral system, also known as the Faculty E-Alert System, allows CSN’s instructional staff to become proactive and collaborate with Student Affairs in offering struggling students assistance to pass their class. The E-Alert system administered by the Advising and Academic Coaching Services, contacts the student and proposes working on strategies and interventions that can help in successful course completion.

The Compass Mid-Semester Checklist

To use the Early Electronic Referral (E-alert) System

  1. Log on to MyCSN and access your class roster
  2. Click on the Early Alert Box next to the 10 digit-number belonging to the student in need of assistance.
  3. The E-Alert form, as shown here, will appear. You can click on pre-selected reasons for the E-Alert and/or type additional comments.
  4. Next, please inform the student that you referred him/her to the Retention Office by clicking on "Notify", as students are more receptive to services when they are first informed by faculty of the referral.
  5. Click on the Send Alert button to send the Alert.
  6. Once the referral is sent to Academic Coaching Services, you will fist receive an electronic acknowledgement confirming receipt of the E-Alert followed by an Update with the status and progress of the contact.

College Success

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Don't Cancel That Class

Effective Summer 2015, all workshops will be coordinated through Tutorial Services "Don't Cancel That Class" Program which will be held via classroom presentations. College success workshops are designed with ALL students in mind. Whether you are a good student or someone who is having difficulty in school, these workshops will help you develop sophisticated learning strategies required for success in a college setting. Workshops are presented by highly trained Academic Success Center professional staff in partnership with outstanding; CSN Faculty, Staff, and Advisor/Success Coaches.

Contact Us to request a specific workshop topic or call Advising and Academic Coaching Services on your campus for more information.

  • North Las Vegas: 702-651-2626
  • Charleston (WCH): 702-651-7367
  • Henderson (HEN): 702-651-3103