MyCoyotePLAN Early Alert Services

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MycoYOTeplan e-alert

The electronic student referral system, also known as the MyCoyotePLAN Early Alert System, allows CSN’s instructional staff to proactively collaborate with students, Student Affairs, and academic support resources to provide assistance for struggling students. The MyCoyotePLAN Early Alert system is administered by the CRM (Customer Relation Management) department and currently supported by Advising & Academic Coaching Services Department, Centers for Academic Success, and other academic support service areas.  MyCoyotePLAN facilitates meaningful engagement between students and the campus community by providing students with access to a comprehensive support network to achieve their academic goals.

Using MyCoyotePLAN E-alert System

Submit an Early Alert by raising a flag on a student of concern by accessing MyCoyotePLAN.  Access to MyCoyotePlan is located in your CANVAS account or through your GoCSN Login.  For complete instructions to get started in MyCoyteplan, as well as resources and training information on the MyCoyotePLAN system, please visit the CRM webpage

To Access:

  1. Click "Login" at the top of the CSN webpage
  2. Enter your CSN username and password
  3. Click the MyCoyotePLAN icon (or search MyCoyotePLAN)
  4. Login with your CSN username and password

* A MyCoyotePLAN link is also available in your CANVAS course menu

Please review instructions here for Raising, Resolving and Clearing a flag on a student of concern. Additional guides and training information on MyCoyotePLAN are located on the CRM webpage.

College Success Workshops & Class Presentations


College success and other academic support workshops are coordinated by our Centers for Academic Success partners through their Don't Cancel That Class Program.  College success workshops are designed with ALL students in mind. Visit the Centers for Academic Success and click on the "Center Tour, Class Visit & Workshop Request" link on the right side of their webpage. Workshops are presented by highly trained Centers for Academic Success professional staff.