American Sign Language is the official visual-gestural language of the American Deaf community. Trending in media and popular culture, ASL is now recognized as one of the the most sought after languages to learn. Increasing evidence indicates that learning a second language, specifically a visual language, has multiple benefits supporting cognitive development, early childhood language learning, and communication access for people with special needs and hearing loss. Learning ASL can lead to a range of unique employment opportunities such as sign language interpreting, Deaf education, and social services. Fluency in ASL can potentially increase marketability in your business or industry.


Sample of ASL course offerings:

  • AM 145-AM 149 ASL Levels 1-5
  • AM 156 Survey of Deafness
  • AM 151 & AM 152 Fingerspelling 1 & 2
  • AM 253 Deaf Culture
  • AM 254 Deaf History
  • AM 255 Structure of ASL
  • AM 257 ASL Linguistics & Translation


Guided Pathways


AAS Deaf Studies
BAS American Sign Language/English Interpreting (hyperlink to program page)