Available Services

Education Development and Support

  • Long-term academic advising and planning
  • Career planning based on exploration of career interests and college majors
  • University and college transfer services
  • 4 year College visits

Financial Aid Assistance

  • Completion and filing of federal financial aid forms
  • Scholarship/grant information and application
  • Textbook Voucher of up to $500.00

Skill Building Assistance

Caring Community & Mentoring Services

  • Use of computer lab for research and assignments
  • Relaxation, socialization and community building in the Laxalt Center providing a “home away from home”
  • Cultural activities
  • Make supportive, personal connections with other students, faculty and staff
  • One-on-one mentoring by a Nevada Promise Community Mentor or Eligible Faculty or Staff Member of CSN
    Access to the online mentoring platform MentoryCity to find a mentor match based on career path or life skills. 

Close Monitoring of Student Progress

  • Behavioral Plan for Academic Success
  • Reminder emails about important upcoming deadlines for the Promise program
  • Mid-semester faculty progress reports
  • End of semester grades follow-up