Minority Male Mentoring Program

BUMP Up is a CSN support resource for historically underrepresented maBUMP UP MENTORING PROGRAMle students. Our goal is to improve their chances of persistence, completion, and graduation through faculty, staff and community mentoring.

This program provides the tools and support to help them:

  • Acclimate to college and community life
  • Make supportive, personal connections with other students, faculty and staff
  • Utilize campus supportive services and resources
  • Achieve continued academic success

The program is a three-year commitment that has two tracks: mentoring services and close academic monitoring 


Contact Information

Andrew-Bryce Hudson
Sr. Coordinator - Mentoring Program
North Las Vegas Campus | Office 144B | Sort code CYCS144B
Email: Contact Us
Phone: 702-651-4244

Carolina Clavel
Manager - Mentoring Programs and Services
West Charleston Campus | Sort Code WCE343
Email: Contact Us 
Phone: 702-651-7570