The College of Southern Nevada now offers the Fire Service Joint Labor Management Wellness/Fitness Initiative Program-Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT).
CSN’s Department of Public Services' Fire Science Program, in coordination with the following...

  • North Las Vegas Fire Department
  • Las Vegas Fire & Rescue
  • Clark County Fire Department
  • City of Henderson Fire Department
  • Boulder City Fire Department
  • Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Services

...has worked to open the new CSN CPAT Facility in North Las Vegas, not far from the CSN Cheyenne Campus. CSN's Division of Workforce and Economic Development has been included in the project to handle registration and help with process organization.,

View a Candidate Physical Ability Test preparation video.

View and download the CPAT Candidate Preparation Guide.

The Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) has been developed as a fair and valid evaluation tool to assist in the selection of fire fighters, and to ensure that all fire fighter candidates possess the physical ability to complete critical tasks effectively and safely.

During the entire test the candidate must wear a 50 lb. weighted vest (simulating the weight of a fire fighters protective clothing and equipment). The eight events, which must be completed within the “cut off” time of 10 minutes and 20 seconds. are:

  • Stair Climb (climbing stairs while carrying an additional 25 lb. simulated hose pack),
  • Ladder Raise and Extension (placing a ground ladder and extending the ladder to the roof or a window),
  • Hose Drag (stretching uncharged hoselines, advancing lines),
  • Equipment Carry (removing and carrying equipment from fire apparatus to fireground),
  • Forcible Entry (penetrating a locked door, breaching a wall) and
  • Search (crawling through dark unpredictable areas to search for victims).
  • Rescue Drag (removing victim or partner from a fire building),
  • Ceiling Pull (locating fire and checking for fire extension).

The Candidate Physical Ability Test Program have been reviewed and utilized by fire departments throughout the U.S. and Canada.

To register you must have a student profile for DWED (not MyCSN) go to Online Registration Login or call 702-651-4747 to create a DWED profile or login to your existing DWED profile.
Once you have a DWED profile, to register for the CPAT go to CPAT Online Registration or call 702-651-4747.

For more information about CPAT, please, call 702-651-5944.