CSN Alumni Profiles

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Braiden Green
Braiden Green

Braiden Green graduated from Rancho High School in 2003 and was part of the school’s first magnet program graduating class. He graduated from the pre-medical program and obtained an EMT certificate. Upon graduating, he immediately enrolled in CSN to earn an EMT certification. He would continue taking classes at CSN and earn his associate of applied science degree in paramedic medicine. In fall of 2011, he became full time with the college and is now Chair of CSN’s Criminal Justice and Emergency Services department.

Carole Brew
Carole Brew

Carole Brew graduated from CSN in 2005 with an associate of general studies degree. She is now a tenured professor at CSN and program director for the Dental Assisting program. In 2000, Carole began working full time for the college as a dental assisting instructor. While working for the college, Carole enrolled in UNLV and would later go on to earn her bachelor’s degree in workforce education in 2006 and master’s degree in workforce education and leadership in 2008. Carole has been with the college over 19 years and brings a passion to teaching her students can appreciate.

Rebecca Miller
Rebecca Miller

Rebecca Miller graduated from CSN in 2016 with an associate of arts degree. She started at CSN in 2011 and enrolled in early childhood education classes. She enjoyed her English Professor Anthony Mulholland and her education instructors, Cheryl Westfall and Connie Christensen. She liked attending CSN because of the sense of community and support she received from her instructors. She says that without CSN and the support of her family, she would not be the successful business woman she is today. Her advice is not to give up.

Steve Ferreiro
Steve Ferreiro

Steve Ferreiro graduated from CSN in 2014 with a degree in Computer and Information Technology (CIT) Software and a degree in Graphic Communication (GRC) Web Design. After he graduated high school in 1992, he enrolled in CSN’s graphics program to earn a certificate. He eventually became a Web Developer for Ellucian and through his position has helped CSN faculty and staff improve web functionally and services for their students and departments. He is planning to return to CSN to work on a Project Management bachelor’s degree.

Magaly Munoz
Magaly Munoz

I found out about the CSN high school program while I was attending Durango High School. I was so excited because I knew I wanted more out of my high school education. I graduated from the CSN high school with two years’ worth of credits which I later transferred to UNLV. I earned a bachelor’s degree in International Business, with a focus on business law. I eventually began working in the department of National Diversity Relations at the MGM Resort and have been there for 8 years. I have enjoyed working my way up the corporate ladder.

Andrea McDonald
Andrea McDonald 

Andrea McDonald graduated from CSN in 1998 with an associate of arts degree and an associate of applied science degree in business management. After high school, she enrolled in college courses but wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. After starting a family, Andrea went back to college. From CSN, she would go on to UNLV to earn her bachelor’s degree. She now holds two master’s degrees and a doctorate in Administrative Leadership. Andrea works as the Director of Site Administration for the Nevada State High School Henderson Campus. 

LIsa Foreman
Lisa Foreman

Lisa Foreman graduated from CSN in 2012 with an associate of arts degree in communication. When she graduated high school, she began working in the casino industry but soon found that was not for her. Lisa enrolled in classes at CSN and changed her career path. She works at CSN as a coordinator in the Athletics department and as a part-time instructor teaching Academic and Life Success (ALS) classes. Lisa also holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Nevada State College and a master’s in academic advising from Kansas State University.

Conrad Basilio
Conrad Basilio

Conrad Basilio graduated in 2013 with an associate of applied science degree in commercial photography. Although he enjoys photography, his first passion is dentistry. Before coming to the United States, he practiced dentistry in the Philippines for more than 15 years. Conrad has been with CSN for 15 years and works in the Dental Hygiene department. He began taking photography classes as a hobby and now uses his talents to take photos of students during the dental hygiene pinning ceremonies.

Jessica Dycus
Jessica Dycus

Jessica Dycus graduated from CSN in 2015 with an associate of applied science degree in surgical technology. She has worked at CSN for 5 years and is a tenured professor and program director for the CSN Medical Assisting program. Jessica graduated from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico in 2007 with a bachelor of science in biology. In 2009, she earned her master’s in biology from the same university. Jessica is a graduate of the CSN Surgical Technology program and has worked in the medical field for over 20 years. 

T.J. Tranchell

T.J. Tranchell graduated from CSN in 2006 with an associate of art degree. T.J. was member of the English Club and also wrote and edited the Coyote Press, the student newspaper, under the guidance of Professor Karen Laing. T.J. went on to further his education and is now an accomplished author. He recently held a reading of his book “Asleep in the Nightmare Room” at the CSN Henderson Campus. Learn more about T.J. at www.tjtranchell.wordpress.com.

Shelby Gloudeman
Shelby Gloudeman

Shelby Gloudeman graduated from CSN in 2016 with an associate of arts degree in hospitality management. She enrolled in classes at CSN because of the flexible class scheduling and online course offerings. She was working full-time at Expedia and taking hotel management classes. Since earning her degree, she has worked at the Disneyland Hotel, La Quinta Inn & Suites. She now is employed for Wincome Hospitality where she assists in building and managing luxury hotels. Shelby enjoyed her time as a student and is grateful she earned her degree from CSN.

Justin Wallace
Justin Wallace

Justin Wallace graduated from CSN with an associate of science degree in 2019. He was inspired to return to school when his husband, who was also attending CSN, came back to college to complete his associate degree. While working to complete his degree, Justin took an environmental science class and became interested in water purification. He plans to enroll in CSN’s Environmental Management bachelor degree program in 2021 and is actively seeking an internship in his field. 

Walker J. Weimer
Walker J. Weimer

Walker J. Weimer graduate from CSN in 1999 with an associate of arts degree in English. After he received his degree, he transferred to UNLV and went on to earn his bachelor of arts in classics and a masters in English from the University of Utah. He would eventually return to CSN and teach part-time for the English department. After teaching for three years, he was offered full time employment and in 2019 he was awarded tenure. Walker enjoys teaching Composition and Literature for the English department, as well as Latin for the International Languages department.

Dulce Valencia Sanchez
Dulce Valencia Sanchez

Dulce Valencia Sanchez graduated from CSN in 2018 with an associate of arts degree.  After graduating, she continued working for the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada. She recently traveled from New York to Las Vegas to work on her bachelor’s degree in theatre studies. Dulce did not think it was possible for her to attend college and she is very thankful to CSN for opening the doors of higher education for her.

Fawn Douglas
Fawn Douglas

Fawn Douglas graduated from CSN in 2012 with an associate of arts degree in global studies. She was a single parent working multiple jobs. She decided to go back to school and found CSN was a viable option. Fawn enjoyed being at CSN and was a member of the Capitol Club and served as a senator for student government. She is an artist and activist for public lands and sacred places. In 2015, Fawn earned a bachelor of arts degree in painting and drawing from UNLV and is working on her master of fine arts. 

Christy Abercrombie
Christy Abercrombie

Christy, now 50, started attending CSN at the age of 17. When she enrolled in classes, she did not quite know what she wanted to do for her career. In 1989, she graduated with an associate degree in business and was a member of Phi Theta Kappa. After graduating CSN, she went out of state to further her education. Christy worked in higher education for more than 15 years and now works as a College Counselor for the Fulfillment Fund, where she helps high school students prepare for and succeed in college. 

Robert Strawder Jr.
Robert Strawder Jr.

Robert Van Strawder Jr.,50, is a father, community leader and filmmaker. In 2017, Robert earned an associate of applied science degree in mental health services and an associate degree in general studies. He credits CSN for helping to give him a better life. After graduating, he ran for Congress and recently hosted a successful community event called the Inaugural Vegas Teen Choice Talent Showcase. The event focused on using music to educate youth about making positive choices in life. 

Picture of Carlos Holguin
Carlos Holguin

Carlos Holguin graduated from CSN in 2014 with degrees in psychology and music. He works for the Clark County School District and teaches a Latin Jazz class at CSN. While a student at CSN, Carlos was awarded the Regents’ Scholar Award. Just before graduating, he had the privilege of playing on the Las Vegas Strip in the musical Mama Mia! CSN instructor D Gause served as his mentor and still remains in contact with him.

Picture of Nino Navos
Nino Navos

Nino Navos graduated from CSN in 2018 with an associate of applied science degree in nursing. Upon graduating, he was accepted into Nevada State College’s RN-BSN program. He was also accepted as a new grad nurse as a STaRN/Nurse Resident at Sunrise Hospital. He is on track to graduate with his BSN and hopes to continue his nursing education.

Picture of Michelle Klenke-Pilkington
Michelle Klenke-Pilkington

Michelle Klenke-Pilkington graduated from CSN in 2019 with an associate of arts degree in special education. She works in Special Education as a Special Programs Teaching Assistant for a Title 1 school in Clark County. She is working on her bachelor’s degree for Special Education to become a teacher and hopes to have her own classroom. She took a course at CSN with a fabulous instructor, who inspired her to further her studies in Special Education. 

Picture of Kari Cramer
Kari Cramer

Kari Cramer graduated from CSN in 2015 with an associate of general studies degree.  She works for the College of Southern Nevada in the JumpStart program where students can “Jumpstart” their college career while earning their high school diploma. Kari says her position takes on more of a humanitarian role and giving back to students is what she enjoys the most. The CSN faculty and staff impacted her life and made her who she is, Kari says.

Picture of Narée Asherian
Narée Asherian

Narée Asherian graduated from CSN in 2019 with an associate of business degree 10 days before graduating from the CSN High School program with high honors. She is enrolled at UNLV where she plans to earn her bachelor’s degree in business marketing. During her times as a Coyote, she was awarded the Regents' Scholar Award. 

Picture of Terrence Walton
Terrence Walton

Terrence Walton graduated from CSN in 2009 with an associate of arts degree in communication. He works for a local news broadcasting station and is an on-air personality with a local radio station. He attended CSN shortly after leaving the United States Air Force in 2005. Terrence says CSN played a vital role in the realization of his dreams.

Picture of Polly Flores
Polly Flores

Polly Flores graduated from CSN in 2019 with an associate of business degree and is attending UNLV. Polly sold her cosmetology business at the age of 34 and enrolled at CSN. She left the business she had run for five years because she wanted to find a career she was more passionate about. Many questioned her move but CSN served as a catalyst for change in Polly’s life, she says. She is proud to be an alumna of CSN.

Picture of AnnaKay Hutchinson
AnnaKay Hutchinson

AnnaKay Hutchinson graduated from CSN in 2018 with an associate of business degree. AnnaKay works at the Clark County School District as a specialized program teacher assistant. She is the founder and CEO of For Change Be Bold and co-founder of Building Networking Mom and Dad, a podcast devoted to positively affecting the lives of individuals and most importantly young adults. Prior to establishing For Change Be Bold, AnnaKay worked as a certified nursing assistant.

Picture of Stacey Ramos
Stacey Ramos

Stacey Ramos graduated from CSN in 2019 with an associate of arts degree in early child education- elementary education. After graduating from CSN, Stacey enrolled at Western Governors University (WGU) where she is working to earn her bachelor's degree in elementary education. Stacey believes in hard work and knows that anything is possible when you work hard enough. No matter what obstacles you face, you can overcome them and come out stronger than before.


Picture of Garry Velasquez
Garry Velasquez

Garry Velasquez learned to cook professionally in the 1990s on the Las Vegas Strip where he found that he enjoyed catering, because of the creativity and fast-paced events. Starting from the bottom, he learned a sense of urgency and attention to detail. In 2005, Garry was exposed to large-scale events at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Garry graduated from UNLV with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management and in 2012 he received a degree in culinary arts management from the College of Southern Nevada

Picture of Carol Ferranti
Carol Ferranti

Carol Ferranti graduated from CSN in 1999 with an associate of arts degree and she is a volunteer Incident Command System (ICS) Instructor with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Her law enforcement career includes experience as an urban housing development consultant, environmental crime mitigation specialist, social human researcher and a public liaison for her agency. Her experience includes, but is not limited to, collecting and analyzing data for public security projects to coordinating a multi-jurisdictional task force.


Picture of Delaney Minshew
Delaney Minshew

Delaney Minshew graduated from CSN in 2019 with an associate of arts degree in communication. She is working to achieve a bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of West Pensacola. While at CSN, Delaney enjoyed engaging with the staff and students. Some of her favorite professors included Professor Joseph Hassert, Professor David Hanley-Tejeda and Professor Diana Clennan.

Picture of Kim Meoli
Kim Meoli

Kim Meoli earned an associate of applied science nursing degree in 2011. She enrolled part-time in the nursing program and took classes during the day while working nights in a show called Jubilee at Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. It took her six years to graduate but she did it. Last year, she was offered a job at a rehabilitation center. Kim says attending CSN gave her a whole new life and she is grateful she attended.

Picture of Casey Reid
Casey Reid

Casey Reid earned a Music Technician Certificate in 2018. After graduating high school in Waldorf, Maryland, Casey moved to Las Vegas to be with family. He originally thought he wanted to play football for UNLV but that did not work out. In the fall of 2013, Casey enrolled in musical classes at CSN. He found he started producing better songs and was now getting paid for performances. Casey now works in the music world as a stage hand and has had the opportunity to setup Life is Beautiful concerts and the Soul Train Awards. 

Picture of TrinaMarie Phinizy Shaw
TrinaMarie Phinizy Shaw

TrinaMarie Phinizy Shaw graduated from CSN in 2003 with a degree in business and a commercial photography degree in December 2012.  She later transferred to UNLV and earned a bachelor’s degree in science administration with an emphasis in human resources management.  She is now the successful owner of two companies, B&T Capture (Managing Partner) and Vegas Home Crown (Realtor®️) brokered by Signature Real Estate Group.

Picture of William McCurdy II
William McCurdy II

William McCurdy II graduated from CSN in 2015 with an associate of arts degree. While enrolled, he became president of the Associated Students of the College of Southern Nevada (ASCSN), a student governing body for the college. William is working to earn his bachelors of science degree from UNLV. He has also served two terms in the Nevada legislature and is running for Clark County Commissioner in 2020.

Picture of Phill Dixon 
Phill Dixon 

Phillip “Phill” Dixon graduated from CSN in 2010 with an associate of arts degree with a music emphasis. Phill then went on to earn his bachelor of arts and master of fine arts degrees and now works as a full-time professor in the CSN English Department. He also teaches Academic and Life Success (ALS) for the CSN Prison Education Program and tutors students enrolled in the music program.

Picture of Alexis Childs
Alexis Childs

Alexis Childs graduated from CSN in 2019 with an associate of business degree. She works for the college’s Centers for Academic Success. She is working toward a career in interior design and recently started her own business selling her artwork. Her artwork can be found at www.alexisbydesign.com. Alexis says her degree has given her the ability to explore her talents and start her own business.

Picture of Jarvis V. Moorehead
Jarvis V. Moorehead

The career of Jarvis V. Moorehead, a singer, dancer, actor, and composer, spans three decades. He is a graduate of the College of Southern Nevada, earning an associate of general studies degree in 2014, and has been featured at several performance venues across the United States and is currently performing in a show titled “Artrageous.” It is a high energy performance that is a combination of fine art, live music, singing, dancing and humor.

Picture of Patti Sharp
Patti Sharp

Patti graduated from CSN with an associate of business in 2016. She was a single mother of one who worked full time. Patti attended CSN for eight years and became a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the community college national honor society. She enjoyed the flexible schedule and great professors she had at CSN. CSN helped her find her direction in life and Patti now works in the fire/emergency management field and is loving every minute of it.

Picture of Toni Ellis 
Toni Ellis 

Toni Ellis graduated from CSN in 1999 with an associate of general studies degree. She would later go on to earn a bachelor’s degree in elementary Education K-12 from UNLV. Toni also holds a master’s degree in education guidance counselor from the University of Phoenix and intermittently taught in the Clark County School District for 12 years. Toni says CSN gave her the opportunity and inspiration to achieve more in life.

Picture of Monica Casuso
Monica Casuso

Monica Casuso graduated from CSN in 2018 with an associate of arts degree. She is attending UNLV and majoring in human services. She desires to be a school counselor at CSN or UNLV. Monica would like to develop a plan for students who need guidance staying on track with their academic courses. She wants to help them develop a solid educational foundation.

Picture of Monique Moreno
Monique Moreno

Monique Moreno graduated from CSN in 2019 with an associate of applied science degree in computing and information technology in networking client/server. She helped create CSN’s Cybersecurity Club and served as its president. The club helps cybersecurity and networking students find resources, scholarships and learn soft skills, like networking. Monique plans to continue her education at CSN and earn a bachelor’s degree.