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Click here to view the list of generous contributors to the CSN Student Emergency Fund as of April 3

Anonymous (12)
Andrew Fanizzi
Angela Nelson-Swearingen
Barbara Talisman
Brendan Shapiro
Bruno Rhodes
Caprice Roberson
Carolyn Collins
Carolyn Mansfield
Catherine Fletcher
Charles Finder
Charles Schwab Bank
Charlie Deitrich
Chelsy Chavez
Connie Christensen
Courtney Schmitz
Daniel Alvarado
David Morgan

Eric Garner
Fauzia Ali
Forgotten Song Foundation
Frank Woodbeck
Dr. Federico Zaragoza
Froozan Afiat
Guillermo Lopez-Clemente
Ggunay Ozkan
Jeff Fulmer
Jesse Stuart & Brooke Feder
Joe Hassert
John Woodbury
Jonathan Bradley
Lata Koneru
Laura Latimer
Lillian Babcock
Linda Foreman
Malgorzata Slomka
Maria Moya
Matthew Munsell
Megan Swallia
Michele Howser
Patricia Vazquez
Rob Manis
Robyn Rohde
Ronald Yates
Shari Peterson
Shele Bannon
Sherry (Taz) Rosenthal
Sonia King
Stephanie Kuo
Susan Gregg
Theri Wyckoff
Wells Fargo



CSN 2019 GraduatesMake your gift before April 17 and it will be doubled
thanks to Charles Schwab Bank!


The CSN Student Emergency Fund provides short term financial support to help students stay in school!


Charles Schwab Bank has generously offered to match every gift made to the CSN Student Emergency Fund before April 17.


Your gift of $55 when doubled is $110! The emergency fund provides up to $250 per student for urgent and emergency needs.

CSN family and community to support students when they need us most. Your gift will help CSN students stay in school by relieving the stress of losing their job, paying their rent and buying groceries*. 

CSN at MLK Parade 2020

You can support one grant with a gift of $250 or make a gift that is meaningful to you. If you are a CSN employee and would like to give through payroll deduction, please complete this form.Your gift is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

*Coyote Cupboards, also led by ASCSN, have been temporarily closed.

Please make your contribution before April 17 to help more students!