Declare a Major

While only students with a high school diploma or its equivalent (GED) may declare a major at CSN and apply for financial aid, non-qualified individuals may become degree/certificate seeking non-financial aid eligible students under alternative criteria by satisfying one of the following requirements:

  1. Achieve placement test scores sufficient for entry into ENG 100 and Math 095 or higher
  2. Provide proof of transfer credits equivalent to the Nevada System of Higher Education's (NSHE) ENG 100 and Math 095 with grades of "C" or better from another accredited college or university.

    The table below summarizes financial aid and declaration of major eligibility based on high school completion status:
    financial aid and declaration of major eligibility table


If you did not graduate from high school and would like to take the GED Exam to qualify for financial aid and declare a major/program of study, you can take the GED Exam through the CSN Testing Center. You must pre-register in person with a valid, government-issued picture ID.

CSN's Workforce and Economic Development Division offers GED preparation classes at the Sahara West Campus.
Call 702-651-4747 for information.