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Babu, Shankara Profile Picture

Babu, Shankara

Cc Professor,applied Tech

Dept Of Applied Technology

email    |    (702) 651-3068
Bachert, Sam Profile Picture

Bachert, Sam

Temporary Faculty - Teaching

Computing & Information Tech

email    |    (702) 651-4312
Bailey Kirby, Yelena Profile Picture

Bailey Kirby, Yelena

Cc Professor,english

Dept Of English

email    |    (702) 651-5617
Bailey, Mary Kaye Profile Picture

Bailey, Mary Kaye

Vice President Finance and Administration


email    |    (702) 651-7437
Baker, Katherine Profile Picture

Baker, Katherine

Cc Professor,english

Dept Of English

email    |    (702) 651-4026
Bakke, Jacob Profile Picture

Bakke, Jacob


Academic Affairs

email    |    (702) 651-7572
Bakke, Lisa Profile Picture

Bakke, Lisa

Associate Vice President

Budget Services

email    |    (702) 651-4211
Bakst, Mike Profile Picture

Bakst, Mike

Cc Professor,hum Behavior

Human Behavior

email    |    (702) 651-5603
Baldwin, Edward Profile Picture

Baldwin, Edward

Cc Professor,english

Dept Of English

email    |    (702) 651-3143
Barker, Tammy Profile Picture

Barker, Tammy

CC Instructor, Math

Dept Of Mathematics

email    |    (702) 651-4787
Barnes, Lee Profile Picture

Barnes, Lee


Department of English

email    |    (702) 651-5806
Barragan Martinez, Tania Profile Picture

Barragan Martinez, Tania

Administrative Assistant I

Workforce & Economic Devel

email    |    (702) 651-4950
Barroso-Merino, Julian Profile Picture

Barroso-Merino, Julian

Cc Professor,world Languages

World Languages

email    |    (702) 651-3093
Bartholomew, Bob Profile Picture

Bartholomew, Bob

Temporary Faculty - Teaching

Dept Of English

email    |   
Basilio, Conrad Profile Picture

Basilio, Conrad

Laboratory Technician II

Dental, Diagnostic & Rehab Svc

email    |    (702) 651-5987
Basilio, Dennis Profile Picture

Basilio, Dennis

Project Manager

Facilities Management

email    |    (702) 651-4888
Basquiat, Cameron Profile Picture

Basquiat, Cameron

Cc Professor,com

Dept Of Communication

email    |    (702) 651-5998
Basquiat, Jennifer Profile Picture

Basquiat, Jennifer

Cc Professor,hum Behavior

Human Behavior

email    |    (702) 651-7421
Bass, Caroline Profile Picture

Bass, Caroline

CC Instructor, World Languages

World Languages

email    |    (702) 651-7683
Batchelor, John Profile Picture

Batchelor, John

Cc Professor,phys Science

Dept Of Physical Science

email    |    (702) 651-5951
Baucom, Kaylee Profile Picture

Baucom, Kaylee

CC Professor, English

Dept Of English

email    |    (702) 651-5557
Bay, Robb Profile Picture

Bay, Robb

CC Professor, Business

Dept Of Business Administration

email    |    (702) 651-5704
Beachley, Deanna Profile Picture

Beachley, Deanna

Cc Professor,soc Sciences

Dept Of Social Sciences

email    |    (702) 651-4124
Bearce, John Profile Picture

Bearce, John

Executive Director

Institutional Research

email    |    (702) 651-7454
Beauvais, Cathy Profile Picture

Beauvais, Cathy

CC Professor, English

Dept Of English

email    |    (702) 651-7373
Beckstrand, Scott Profile Picture

Beckstrand, Scott

Cc Professor,computing & Info

Computing & Information Tech

email    |    (702) 651-4464
Begley, De Erin Profile Picture

Begley, De Erin

Senior Specialist

Dept Of Education

email    |    (702) 651-4335
Beito, Nathan Profile Picture

Beito, Nathan

Administrative Assistant II

Testing Center

email    |    (702) 651-3121
Bell, Arnold Profile Picture

Bell, Arnold

CC Professor, Com

Dept Of Communication

email    |    (702) 651-4191
Benedetti, Janelle Profile Picture

Benedetti, Janelle

CC Instructor, English

Academic Counseling

email    |    (702) 651-7622