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Mitchell, Susan Profile Picture

Mitchell, Susan

Graphic Designer II

Auxiliary Services

email    |    (702) 651-4354
Moffett, Todd Profile Picture

Moffett, Todd

Cc Professor,english

Dept Of English

email    |    (702) 651-4091
Monardi, Fred Profile Picture

Monardi, Fred

Cc Professor,soc Sciences

Dept Of Social Sciences

email    |    (702) 651-4822
Monroe, Christine Profile Picture

Monroe, Christine

Asset Manager

Office of Technology Services

email    |    (702) 651-4990
Montague, Darlene Profile Picture

Montague, Darlene


Facilities Management

email    |    (702) 651-4980
Montero, Barbara Profile Picture

Montero, Barbara

Library Technician II

CSN Libraries

email    |    (702) 651-5074
Montgomery, Jenn Profile Picture

Montgomery, Jenn

Senior Specialist

Financial Aid

email    |    (702) 651-4695
Mora, Jill Profile Picture

Mora, Jill

Cc Professor,hosp Mgmt

Hospitality Management

email    |    (702) 651-4656
Moreau, Eric Profile Picture

Moreau, Eric

Cc Professor,com

Dept Of Communication

email    |    (702) 651-5005
Morningstar, Lily Profile Picture

Morningstar, Lily

CC Instructor, Computing & Info Tech

Computing & Information Tech

email    |    (702)651-2653
Morton, Debra Profile Picture

Morton, Debra


Academic Affairs

email    |    702-651-5812
Moser, Brianne Profile Picture

Moser, Brianne

Program Officer 1

Admissions & Records

email    |    (702) 651-5878
Mosqueda, Rolando Profile Picture

Mosqueda, Rolando

Associate Vice President


email    |    (702) 651-4245
Moya, Maria Profile Picture

Moya, Maria

Cc Professor,hum Behavior

Human Behavior

email    |    (702) 651-4608
Mulholland, Anthony Profile Picture

Mulholland, Anthony

Cc Professor,english

Dept Of English

email    |    (702) 651-5942
Mungcal, Glenn Profile Picture

Mungcal, Glenn

Senior Specialist, Math (DWED)

Workforce & Economic Devel

email    |    (702) 651-7975
Munoz-Nava, Roger Profile Picture

Munoz-Nava, Roger

Administrative Assist Iii

Delivery Services

email    |    (702) 651-4680
Munteanu, Vasile Profile Picture

Munteanu, Vasile

Cc Professor,soc Sciences

Dept Of Social Sciences

email    |    (702) 651-5763
Mzhickteno, Debbie Profile Picture

Mzhickteno, Debbie

Cc Counselor

Academic Counseling

email    |    (702) 651-7498