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Louis Rubbo Profile Picture

Louis Rubbo

CC Instructor, Phys Science

Dept Of Physical Science

email    |    (702)651-4625
Kendra Ruckman Profile Picture

Kendra Ruckman

Admissions/Records Assistant 3

Admissions & Records

email    |    (702) 651-7632
Flora Rudacille Profile Picture

Flora Rudacille

Cc Instructor,human Behavior

Human Behavior

email    |    (702)651-3064
Miriam Ruiz Profile Picture

Miriam Ruiz

Custodial Worker 2

Facilities Management

email    |   
Joshua Rushing Profile Picture

Joshua Rushing

Library Assistant Iii

CSN Libraries

email    |    (702) 651-3122
Sean Russell Profile Picture

Sean Russell

Cc Professor,fine Arts

Department of Fine Arts

email    |    (702) 651-7630
Josh Ruter Profile Picture

Josh Ruter


Facilities Management

email    |    (702) 651-2643
Joseph Ryan Profile Picture

Joseph Ryan

CC Professor, Computing & Info Tech

Computing & Information Tech

email    |    (702) 651-4995
Benita Ryne Profile Picture

Benita Ryne

Cc Professor,nursing


email    |    (702) 651-5674