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Schlesinger, Minnie Profile Picture

Schlesinger, Minnie

CC Professor, Bio Science

Biological Science

email    |    (702) 651-4225
Schmidley, Jennifer Profile Picture

Schmidley, Jennifer

Library Assistant II

CSN Libraries

email    |    702-651-3542
Schmidt, Brian Profile Picture

Schmidt, Brian

CC Chair, Physical Sciences

Dept Of Physical Science

email    |    (702) 651-5693
Schmitz, Courtney Profile Picture

Schmitz, Courtney


Academic Advising Department

email    |    (702) 651-4372
Schneiter, Heidi Profile Picture

Schneiter, Heidi

Cc Professor,dental

Dental, Diagnostic & Rehab Svc

email    |    (702) 651-3775
Schuetze, Carson Profile Picture

Schuetze, Carson

CC Instructor, Math

Dept Of Mathematics

email    |    (702)651-5443
Schultz, Wayne Profile Picture

Schultz, Wayne

Specialist (N and AC)

Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Svcs

email    |    (702) 651-4932
Schweitzer, Jennifer Profile Picture

Schweitzer, Jennifer

CC Instructor, Nursing


email    |    (702) 651-5797
Seacord, Beth Profile Picture

Seacord, Beth

CC Professor, Soc Sciences

Dept Of Social Sciences

email    |    (702) 651-5638
Sebok-Shillingburg, Marianne Profile Picture

Sebok-Shillingburg, Marianne

Cc Professor,business

Dept Of Business Administration

email    |    (702) 651-7432
Sedlacek, Carey Profile Picture

Sedlacek, Carey

Director - Environmental Health & Safety

email    |    (702)651- 3558
Seetharaman, Shyam Profile Picture

Seetharaman, Shyam

Cc Instructor,human Behavior

Human Behavior

email    |    (702)651-3042
Sega, Michael Profile Picture

Sega, Michael

Temporary Faculty - Teaching

World Languages

email    |    (702) 807-4221
Sevier, Scott Profile Picture

Sevier, Scott

Cc Professor,soc Sciences

Dept Of Social Sciences

email    |    (702) 651-5573
Shabahang, Ramat Profile Picture

Shabahang, Ramat

Cc Professor,applied Tech

Dept Of Applied Technology

email    |    (702) 651-3017
Shaffer, AJ Profile Picture

Shaffer, AJ

CC Instructor, Veterinary Nursing

Health Related Professions

email    |    (702) 651-5815
Shaffer, Dustin Profile Picture

Shaffer, Dustin

CC Instructor, Theatre Costume Design & Construction

Department of Fine Arts

email    |    7026512711
Shanton, David Profile Picture

Shanton, David

Recruiter/Success Coach

Department of Recruitment & College Connections

email    |    702-651-7636
Sharma, Vishal Profile Picture

Sharma, Vishal

Manager, Student Recruitment/Admissions

Department of Recruitment & College Connections

email    |    (702) 651-5425