The College of Southern Nevada is committed to student success. In order to prepare students for the rigors of academics, the various departments of the college are working to develop tools and guides to support student degree completion. At CSN we are constantly working to improve and adjust our curriculum and class schedules to help students achieve success.

The latest tool for success provided by CSN’s Division of Workforce and Economic Development, in partnership with the Department of Mathematics, is the Algebra Refresher hybrid online/classroom program. Replacing the existing Math Prep program during Fall 2016, Algebra Refresher offers greater math progression to students. 

Algebra Refresher

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Algebra Refresher is a learning and mastery-based course that is designed to prepare students, who have not met the criteria to be placed into Math 95 or higher, with the necessary skills to be successful in entry level mathematics courses. The course will be a 8-week class where students will work through an individualized work path comprised of homework problems and knowledge checks. The learning path will be completed through an online course delivery system where students can work at their own paces. Students could advance up to Calculus I through this course. At the end of the course, the students will receive a placement based on their final assessment, which will be good for two years.

Students will attend class. During class time, students will work on topics within their learning paths. To help them understand the concepts, student will be able to utilize the online aids as well as assistance from their instructor and/or tutor. Students can work on the topics inside or outside of the classroom, but must take the second proctored assessment in the classroom. On the first day of class, students will receive access to the online course delivery system.

The class costs only $100.00; no textbook needs to be purchased.

Bring to class a notebook and writing utensils. Your notebook will include your completed work from the individualized homework assignments and knowledge checks. DO NOT bring a calculator. Some test and homework problems do not allow calculators. The online system will guide you and provide an onscreen caculator as needed. As a result, calculators, smart phones, tablet computers and smart watches cannot be used during proctored tests. 

For more information about Algebra Refresher, please, call 702-651-4621.