The College of Southern Nevada Office of Financial Aid has implemented electronic forms to assist with the completion of financial aid paperwork and allow for a faster document processing time.

In order to use the electronic forms option, you (and, if applicable, your parent) must register with a valid email address. Once you have registered, a validation code will be emailed to this address. This code will be needed to complete your registration and sign your form(s).

The electronic forms are federal e-signature compliant and allow you to sign and upload any required documentation. You will be required to scan any required documentation and then use the ‘paper clip’ icon to attach and upload your documents. Once you click ‘finish’ and all appropriate signatures and documentation have been provided, you will receive a confirmation email. 

Please note that certain forms cannot be submitted electronically or by fax, and must be submitted in person. The CSN Financial Aid Office will indicate which forms must be submitted in person. Copy machines are not available in the financial aid offices.

Please retain a copy of the email entitled ‘Your document has been completed’. This email can serve as documentation of your form submission date.

Documentation submitted to the CSN Financial Aid Office in person or by mail, fax, or electronic submission, becomes the property of the Financial Aid Office and, in accordance with FERPA regulations, will not be released or copied. We strongly advise you to maintain a copy of all submitted documents for your own records.

View the DOCUMENT SUBMISSION STEPS before selecting the forms below.

Printable Forms

The following forms MUST be submitted in-person to your campus Financial Aid Office. FAXED OR E-MAILED FORMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Verification Group 4 Dependent

Verification Group 4 Independent

Verification Group 5 Dependent

Verification Group 5 Independent

High School Transcripts

Unusual Enrollment History

Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose

1617 Address Verification

Attendance Verification

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Loan Forms

Request to Change to Financial Aid

Alternative Loan Certification Form

2017 Summer Direct (Parent) Plus Loan Worksheet

2017 Summer Direct Loan Request Form

Professional Judgement Forms

Cost of Attendance

Change in Dependency

Request for Reinstatement

*Request for Special Circumstances: If you or your family experience a significant change in your financial situation, the Financial Aid Office, under limited circumstances, may be able to re-evaluate your eligibility for financial aid for the school year. Please Contact Us via email to discuss your personal extenuating circumstances with a financial aid advisor. The financial aid advisor will be able to instruct you on how to complete the Request for Special Circumstances form based on your specific circumstance.

Printable PDF Forms

Click here for PDF forms that can be submitted via fax, e-mail, or in-person at the Financial Aid Office.