Emergency Management & Preparedness

Emergency Management & Preparedness

Emergency Notification:


The College of Southern Nevada considers the safety of our students, faculty, staff and visitors to be of the highest priority. The purpose of this website is to prepare you to protect yourself and others should an emergency and/or hazardous situation occur while you are on campus or at one of our sites. Knowing how to respond can help to minimize injuries (always our first concern), protect our facilities and resources, and maintain our daily operations.
Before an emergency, you should:
  • Familiarize yourself with the Emergency Management & Preparedness Guide.
  • Review the following documents:
    • CSN Emergency Procedures; and
    • CSN Chemical Emergency Procedures.
    • Faculty: Know two (2) exit routes from the buildings in which you are teaching.
      • Bring your class roster with you to every class.
      • Have readily available for your use, telephone numbers for Campus Administration; your department administrator/manager and other important telephone numbers for your unit.
    • Review emergency information for evacuation and general emergency procedures with your students on a periodic basis.
    • We know that emergencies are part of life and can happen at any time.  This website is designed to offer potential solutions—ones that can be implemented with a minimum of disruption to normal campus routines. When we are comfortable that we can apply solutions to minimize or contain the urgent problem at hand, then we are prepared.

Phone Numbers:

Emergency Numbers

Police/Fire/Medical: 9-911
CSN Police/Security: 651-7911


Non-Emergency Numbers

Campus Admin. 651-5640
Operator 651-5000
Security Office 651-5613
Campus Admin. 651-4002
Operator 651-4000
Security Office 651-4055
Campus Admin. 651-3010
Operator 651-3000
Security Office 651-3113