ESL placement testing is required for all CSN English learners entering the ESL program for the first time. The purpose of placement testing is to assess English usage, reading, and writing skills. The results of testing determine placement in the ESL program.

Before Testing

  1. Apply for admission to CSN (Admission Application)
  2. Receive your 10-digit NSHE student number
  3. Take the ESL Practice Test
  1. Select a testing location and time
Placement Testing Locations & Hours

Charleston Campus
Language Lab, Building C-169

Monday - Friday
9:00 AM
12:00 PM
3:00 PM

North Las Vegas Campus
Language Lab, Room 2649

Monday - Friday
9:00 AM
12:00 PM
3:00 PM


Test Day

  1. Arrive at the testing location
  2. Check-in at the Language Lab service desk
  3. Provide NSHE student number and valid identification to Lab Assistant
  4. Complete the International Language Department Placement Test Form
  5. Take your placement tests


After Testing

  1. Login to MyCSN
  2. View Test Scores (allow up to 48 hours for test scores to appear in MyCSN)
  3. Enroll in available courses