All CSN personnel are responsible for the evacuation of persons with disabilities in their respective areas and must obtain the assistance necessary to evacuate these persons. CSN personnel must ensure the persons with disabilities are attended to and assisted until the officials announce an "ALL CLEAR" to return to the building, or, until relieved by emergency personnel.

CSN’s Disability Resource Center (DRC) maintains information regarding those students who are self-identified and have provided documentation of a disability at each of its campus offices. In the event of an evacuation:

  • CSN maintains equipment specifically utilized to evacuate individuals with significant mobility restrictions.
  • In accordance with principles of universal design, exits are ramped to facilitate the evacuation of all individuals from CSN buildings.

Please review the following so that you can provide the most effective assistance to persons with disabilities if that is necessary to ensure their safety.

Persons with visual impairment:

  • Tell the person the nature of the emergency.
  • Offer to guide them to the nearest exit.
  • Have the person take your elbow and escort them. NOTE: This is the preferred method when acting as a 'sight guide'.

Persons with hearing impairment:

  • Write a message indicating the nature of the emergency and the nearest evacuation route; OR
  • Tap the person's shoulder and point to the strobe lights on the fire alarms; OR
  • Turn the room lights on and off to get the person's attention.
  • Indicate through writing a note or gesturing what is happening and what to do.

Persons with mobility impairment:

  • Escort the person(s) to the nearest exit or stairwell assembly point.
  • At least two people should remain with the person with a disability to assist if further evacuation becomes necessary.
  • Do not attempt to carry persons with mobility impairments unless there is an IMMINENT DANGER TO LIFE.  Lifting a person with minimal ability to move may be dangerous to their well-being.
  • Do not attempt to move or lift a wheelchair without asking the person using the chair. NOTE: Batteries may have to be removed. Life support equipment may be attached.
  • If you are unable to safely move the person; move them to a safe area and call for help and tell the dispatcher of your current situation and location.