Time to Return Borrowed Technology

Now that our campuses are fully open again, we are asking that any equipment loaned to you as part of the Technology Request Program be returned as you come back to campus and resume a more traditional work cadence. This includes laptops, tablets, hotspots and other devices that were loaned to you as they are needing to be prepped and returned to academic departments for use with their upcoming in person classes. Please note hotspots may be subject to service shut off. If you have a laptop as your standard CSN issued device, you do not need to return that.

We ask that you please schedule an appointment to return all equipment loaned to you by visiting

Device Return RSVP. If you borrowed equipment from your office (i.e., printers, scanners, monitors, etc.) please email the Help Desk to schedule a time for those devices to be inspected, inventoried, and set back up in their original locations. When returning your device(s) please ensure you include any and all chargers, cables, or other provided accessories. We hope that these loaner devices enabled you to teach and work remotely, and appreciate your cooperation in getting these items returned for on

campus student success.

If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please contact the Help Desk at 702-651-HELP

(4357), help.desk@csn.edu, or submit a self-service ticket.