Department of Counseling and Retention Services


Mentor Program Needs Assessment

Please enter your 10 digit NSHE ID:
1. Where would you find important CSN dates?
2. How would you locate your degree program?
3. When should you declare or change your major in order to receive Financial Aid?
4. Which one is most important to your grade?
5. What is priority Registration?
6. How do you register for classes?
7. If you stop attending a class, what should you do?
8. How do you officially withdraw from class(es)?
9. How many hours should you study per week for a 3 credit class?
10. What are the most important study habits?
11. If you are having challenges with a class what should you do?
12. What does GPA mean?
13. What GPA is required for degree or certificate completion?
14. How will your credits and GPA transfer to another institution?
15. What services are available through the CSN Counseling department?
16. Where can you find academic resources at CSN?
17. Rank the order of academic standing at CSN?
18. What is SAP?
19. In order to receive Financial Aid, you must be enrolled by __________.
20. How does withdrawing from classes, effect your Financial Aid?