Mentor Application

Thank you for your interest in being a Mentor at the College of Southern Nevada.  There are three Mentor Programs and you may choose to participate in one or more depending on your interest and available time.

  • Level I is group mentoring of high school students who are applying for the Promise Scholarship. 
  • Level II is one-on-one Mentoring of first-year CSN Promise Scholarship recipients. 
  • Level III is the CSN Bump Up Mentoring Program.

Please identify the following status.  If you are a returning Mentor, you may indicate both Promise Mentor and Bump Up Mentor if applicable:

Check all that apply:
If you are a returning Promise Mentor, please provide Promise ID.
(CCSD employees, please enter name of school if applicable)
If your Professional Field is not listed, please provide your field above.

Sharing real-world, professional and career experiences can provide CSN students with valuable insight as they begin to chart their academic and career paths. Various student-focused programs at CSN provide speaking opportunities as a component of an event or activity.  

Speakers can provide industry-specific information and/or share personal experiences about their own academic and career paths depending on the themes and requirements of the program or event.  CSN will work with speakers to facilitate their role accordingly. 

Please share a brief paragraph about your career path and experiences to help our office match speakers with opportunities at the College.

Please provide your career path experience (200 words or less).

Mentoring at the College of Southern Nevada

There are three program options, each with a different time commitment and training requirements.

Bump Up Mentors please select Level III.

Please choose all that apply (Hold down the "Ctrl" key, then click each level to choose multiple selections).

Level I: Group mentoring activities with our 2019 applicants

  • Mentor up to 10 high school Promise applicants graduating high school in 2019
  • Supervised group mentoring with an interactive component
  • Mentoring activities will take place at local high schools and all three CSN main locations

Supplemental Training

  • Online mentor training refresher
  • Appropriate mentor/mentee relationships
  • NV Promise program information and deadlines
  • College Admissions and Financial Aid Process

Level II: Become a one‐on‐one mentor to Nevada Promise Scholars at CSN

Meeting with your mentee(s) a minimum of once per semester

Each mentor can work with up to 3 students each year

Mentors paired with student(s) using MentorCity (Internet portal)

Use MentorCity for:

  • Communication tool to help you keep students informed about upcoming mentoring appointments (in person, phone call or online via Skype), information about CSN workshops available, remind them about approaching academic or Promise deadline reminders, etc.
  • Recording notes of mentoring interactions and resources shared with students

Supplemental Training

  • Nevada Promise Training refresher
  • Appropriate mentor/mentee relationships
  • MentorCity profile creation and user guide
  • Additional mentoring strategies/mentoring guide for Promise NV Promise programmatic information and deadlines
  • CSN Student Satisfactory Academic Progress and Financial Aid Process

Level III: Apply to be a mentor with the CSN Bump Up Program

Created in 2015, BUMP Up is a CSN mentoring program that aims to increase the persistence, progression and completion rates of African‐American male college students. The mentor is assigned one student to foster a long‐term mentoring relationship. Pairing is made based on similar career goals, expertise related to academic skills and technical abilities, and life experience. CSN faculty and staff as well as community leaders are encouraged to apply. The mentor must have a college degree from an accredited college or university.


For more information, please visit


Please read this carefully before signing:

The BUMP UP mentoring program appreciates your interest in becoming a mentor. Please initial each of the following: 

I authorize the College of Southern Nevada to use any photographic image of me taken while participating in the mentoring program. These images may be used in promotions or other related marketing material.


(Returning Promise Mentors who completed a background check in the spring 2018 will not need a new background check. All other applicants must complete a background check. Please initial your approval to do so below.

Mentor Qualifications:

  1. The law that created the Promise Program requires all potential mentors to undergo a criminal background check. A person convicted of a felony cannot serve as a mentor.
  2. Mentors must be 21 Years of age.
  3. Mentors may not employ the person being mentored.
  4. Mentors may not be related by consanguinity or affinity within the third degree to the students being mentored.
  5. Mentors also may not be compensated for their service.

Acknowledgement and Background Check Release

I acknowledge that a criminal background check is required by Nevada law to participate as a Promise Program mentor. I authorize the College of Southern Nevada to work with a third party vendor to conduct a criminal background check.

If for any reason I do not meet the background check requirements, the College of Southern Nevada will inform me in writing and will provide me with the information of the third party vendor so that I may contact them for further information.

I agree to complete the mentor application and authorize the background check electronically.

Employees of identified and verified partner organizations that conduct criminal background checks as a condition of employment, may be exempt from submitting to an additional background check. Employers will be notified of the desire of employee to apply to the program and will certify their employment and background check.

If my employer is one of the identified partners, I hereby authorize CSN to communicate with my employer to verify that I meet the requirements of criminal background check established for the Promise Program. I do so by electronically authorizing the verification with my initials below.

Having read the above, I submit this application electronically by clicking the submit button below.