Promise Mentor / Mentee Questionnaire

The following contact information including questions cannot be copied or pasted, downloaded, printed, snap shot taken or saved in any form under any circumstances. All information is protected by FERPA Law and CSN rules and policies.

Mentor: Review questions before hand to organize the conversation towards answering these questions. Please do not read the questions.

Nevada Promise Recipients need to complete two mentor activities on or before April 30 each academic year. BUMP UP participants must follow the guidelines set by the program, please visit, for more information.
Your Student ID (also known as your MyCSN ID or NSHE ID) is a 10-digit number assigned to you upon being admitted to the college. If you are unaware of what your Student ID is, please contact the Office of the Registrar at (702) 651-4060.

Note: Please select the topics of discussion during your mentoring session. We do not expect you to have covered all these topics. 


Please provide as much information as possible:

Overall, how would you rate the academic courses you are currently taking? In the textbox below, please describe any highlights of your conversation. For example, “discussed the use of tutoring services to help with the math course he is struggling with”.

For Mentor Only: