Student Technology


Great news! CSN Computer Labs will be open
for student use during the spring semester.


Find the CSN Campus computer lab locations at:

Need help with email, GoCSN, and so on? Please visit our Tech for Going Remote section for more information.

CSN is working to help students gain access to necessary technologies during the campus closure. Any student who does not have access to a reliable device or WIFI is asked to fill out the form below. We have devices that may be available for loan, including laptops, tablets, and hotspots (devices that will allow you to connect to the internet) based on demonstrated need. As there are an extremely limited number of devices, we ask that you only fill out the form if you do not currently have access to the technologies, so we are able to help as many students as possible. A device should not be requested if you plan to have it as a spare device.

Ensure your contact information is correct so we are able to contact you. If you are no longer enrolled in classes at some point in the semester, the device must be returned. You will be charged the cost of the device if it is not retuned to the college!

Testing Students – Due to limited availability, we are unable to check-out devices for placement testing purposes at this time. If you do not have technology available to complete your placement exams, please email wchtestingcenter to request alternate testing options.

We need your CSN email for verification. If you do not use your CSN email your request may be cancelled. Please watch your CSN email for communications regarding approval, scheduling for pickup, and returning your device(s).
Please enter your 10 digit NSHE ID:
How many credits are you enrolled in at CSN this semester?
Do you currently have a device (i.e. laptop or tablet) on which you can complete your course work?
CSN has a limited number of devices (i.e. laptops and tablets) to distribute to students. If available, would you like to borrow a device?
Please explain why you need a device (150 word limit).
Please list any specialized software you will need on the laptop for completing your academic work. We will try to install the applications you need but in some cases we may not be able to due to licensing by the software vendor.
Do you have access to reliable WIFI (internet) to connect a device to?
CSN has a limited number of hotspots (devices that will allow you to connect to the internet). If available, would you like to borrow a hotspot? NOTE: Hotspots are currently unavailable and are on back order.
Please explain why you need a device (150 word limit).
I agree that I will only use the requested devices for CSN coursework. I agree that I will use the device responsibly and could be charged a monetary fee if I return the device without all of the accessories/cables or if it is damaged. I agree that I will return the device(s) loaned immediately when either I drop my classes or they end for the semester. If I do not return the equipment immediately after dropping my class or it ending, I can be charged a monetary fee for the device or for the data used in the case of a hotspot.