Forms by Category


Class Specifications - 1.000 AGRICULTURE & CONSERVATION - Classified
Class Specifications - 2.000 CLERICAL & RELATED SERVICES - Classified
Class Specifications - 3.000 DOMESTIC SERVICES - Classified
Class Specifications - 4.000 LIBRARY & ARCHIVES - Classified
Class Specifications - 5.000 EDUCATION - Classified
Class Specifications - 6.000 ENGINEERING & ALLIED - Classified
Class Specifications - 7.000 FISCAL MANAGEMENT & STAFF SERVICES - Classified
Class Specifications - 9.000 MECHANICAL & CONSTRUCTIONAL TRADES - Classified
Class Specifications - 10.000 MEDICAL, HEALTH & RELATED SERVICES - Classified
Class Specifications - 11.000 REGULATORY & PUBLIC SAFETY - Classified
Class Specifications - 12.000 SOCIAL SERVICES & REHABILITATION - Classified
Class Specifications - 13.000 SWORN LAW ENFORCEMENT - Classified
Position Questionnaire - Classified (NPD-19)[pdf]


Clearance Certificate [pdf]
Designation of Beneficiary [pdf]
FMLA Leave Form (NPD-60) [pdf]
FMLA Medical Release (NPD-81) [pdf]
Formal Appeal Catastrophic Leave Appeals Committee (PAY-23B) [pdf]
Hourly Timesheets [Excel]
Notice of Intent to Donate Leave - Classified (NPD-25) [pdf]
Payroll Correction Form [.xlsx]
Payroll Overtime Submission Form - Classified [pdf]
Payroll Shift Differential Submission Form - Classified [Excel]
Physician's Certification for Catastrophic Leave Request - Employee (PAY-23 CE) [pdf]
Physician's Certification for Catastrophic Leave Request - Immediate Family Member (PAY-23CF) [pdf]
Request for Handwritten Check [pdf]
Request for Temporary Adjustment to Salary - Classified (NPD-5) [doc]
Request to Accelerate Salary - Classified (NPD-4) [pdf]
Request to Use Catastrophic Leave (PAY-23) [pdf]
Stop Payment Request [pdf]
W-4 [pdf]
Workers' Compensation Information & Forms (handled by UNLV)


EEO/AA/ADAAA/Title IX Grievance Form [pdf]
Grievance Form (Classified) (NPD-50) [doc]
Response to Formal Grievance - Classified (NPD-51) [doc]
Sexual Harassment Policy Acknowledgement [pdf]
Written Reprimand - Classified Employees Template (NPD-52) [doc]





Employee Appraisal (Classified) - NPD-15 [Word] [pdf]
Job Description Template (Professional) [Word]
Work Performance Standards - Classified (NPD-14) [Word] [pdf]


ADA Appeal Form [pdf]
ADA Authorization for Release of Medical Information [pdf]
ADA Request for Reasonable Accommodation [pdf]
Affiliates Personal Data Form [pdf]
Background Check Authorization Form [pdf]
Essential Functions & Associated Factors (ADA-03) [Word]
Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens Determination [pdf]
Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens Determination (Spanish version) [pdf]
Meal Reimbursement Form - Faculty [pdf]
Minor Background Investigation Consent Form [pdf]
Oath - Employment Contract Attachment [pdf](for New Full-Time Academic, Professional, Part-time LOA/LOB Employees only)
Part-Time/Temporary Full-Time Employee (Professional & Administrative) Application [pdf] (only use for positions NOT on
Personnel Transaction Form [pdf]
Pink Sheet Calendar [pdf]
Policy Statements Receipt Sign-off [pdf] Part-time employees only (NSHE & CSN)
SSA-1945 (Job Not Covered by Social Security) Acknowledgment [pdf]
Term of Appointment Dates and Coding [pdf]


PERS Retiree Re-Hire Form [pdf]
Phase-In Retirement Form [pdf]
Salary Reduction Agreement Form [pdf] (new version as of 12/2013)


Volunteer Information and Paperwork

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