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Nevada Promise Mentor Application

CSN is seeking mentors of all backgrounds who are willing to give 3-5 hours each semester to guide the future of Nevada. Mentors must be 21 years of age, willing to provide information to conduct a criminal background report and able to participate in one mandatory training session.

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Mentors can be paired with up to 10 students in one academic year. We recommend if you are just starting out as a new mentor you take on no more than 5 students. Please select your preference below.


*ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND BACKGROUND CHECK RELEASE: (All applicants must complete mandatory training and complete a background check. Please initial your approval to do so below)

By submitting this form, I agree to allow CSN to share my contact information with my Nevada Promise mentees and other relevant parties.

Mentor Qualifications:

  • The law that created the Promise Program requires all potential mentors to undergo a criminal background check. A person convicted of a felony cannot serve as a mentor.
  • Mentors must be 21 Years of age.
  • Mentors may not employ the person being mentored.
  • Mentors may not be related by consanguinity or affinity within the third degree to the students being mentored.
  • Mentors also may not be compensated for their service.

Acknowledgement and Background Check Release

  • I acknowledge that a criminal background check is required by Nevada law to participate as a Promise Program mentor. I authorize the College of Southern Nevada to work with a third-party vendor to conduct a criminal background check.
  • If for any reason I do not meet the background check requirements, the College of Southern Nevada will inform me in writing and will provide me with the information of the third-party vendor so that I may contact them for further information.
  • I agree to complete the mentor application and authorize the background check electronically.

Employees of identified and verified partner organizations that conduct criminal background checks as a condition of employment, may be exempt from submitting to an additional background check. Employers will be notified of the desire of employee to apply to the program and will certify their employment and background check.

If my employer is one of the identified partners, I hereby authorize CSN to communicate with my employer to verify that I meet the requirements of criminal background check established for the Promise Program. I do so by electronically authorizing the verification with my initials below.