How Do I...

...set up direct deposit?
All employees are able to enroll in paperless direct deposits. You will need to access the employee self-service at:

...get my Employee Identification number?
Full-time hires will be given their EID number at the time of their orientation. Part-time employees will need to complete their paperwork with the department Administrative Assistant and then a request will need to be sent to the Division of Human Resources. Once all paperwork has been received your Administrative Assistant will receive an e-mail from the Division of Human Resources to provide to you and you will also receive one mailed to you to the address supplied to the Division of Human Resources on the personal data form you have completed.

...get e-mail and computer access?
Each department on campus has its own procedures for requesting/granting access. Please contact your department Administrative Assistant for help with getting access.

...get a work permit?
Log-on to:

...notify PERS that I'm a retiree being re-employed?
If your employee is retired under PERS of Nevada and is hired into a non-PERS eligible position at CSN, the employee must fill out the following document before he/she can begin working at CSN) For other PERS-related questions, please Contact PERS or go to

...get an NSHE Identification number?
After you have been added to the HR/Payroll System your record will be matched up with our People Soft Program and if there are no errors an NSHE ID number will be created for you. Your Department Administrative Assistant can then work with our Integrate team to have you assigned to My CSN.

...enroll for Benefits?
If you are a benefit-eligible employee you will be contacted by the HR Senior Specialist, Benefits, to set up an appointment to go over your benefits paperwork.

...sign up for Grant-In-Aid?
You must first be enrolled in the class(es). Depending on your employment type you will need to complete the following forms and adhere to the stringent deadlines.

...register for training classes?
>As a CSN employee, you are eligible to take training classes offered through the State as well as CAPE. To review states training classes you will need to sign up through NEATS or CAPE

...use the campus gym?
For complete information, including how to join, go to: Campus Recreation Facility

...get a library card?
For complete information, including how to check out books, go to: CSN Libraries

...locate phone numbers for CSN faculty or staff?
Please see the CSN Directory

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