ATTENTION: A non-refundable $20.00 application fee, which will be payable through the Cashier's Office, will be required to submit an application beginning January 1, 2021.

ATTENTION: Due to challenges that COVID-19 has caused the students in the Dental Hygiene program since the March 2020 shutdown, the Dental Hygiene program will be unable to accept a class for the Summer 2021 start of the new BSDH Direct Admit program.
Our priority has always been to deliver a quality education and our focus is to facilitate the success of our learners currently in the classes of 2021 and 2022 in the uncertain times we are faced with.
We apologize for this inconvenience and anticipate offering the program in 2022.

Review your program’s admission requirements. All eligibility criteria and prerequisite courses must be complete prior to applying to a Limited Entry program.

Application Steps

  • Print the Limited Entry Application and Policy pages.
  • Print the Limited Entry Completion Checklist. Be sure to print the checklist for the semester and year for which you are applying.
  • Complete a Limited Entry Workshop.
  • Review the Limited Entry Application. Complete and sign where applicable.
  • Review the Limited Entry Policy. Initial and sign where applicable.
  • Complete the Limited Entry Completion Checklist.
  • Pay the $20.00 non-refundable application fee and attach proof of payment to application.
    Limited Entry Application Fee Instructions
  • Gather all documents as instructed in the Limited Entry Completion Checklist.
  • Review the program’s Selection Criteria. Additional requirements for specific documents may be found here and must be submitted with your Limited Entry Application in order to be awarded points.
  • Submit your Limited Entry Application with all supporting documentation to the Limited Entry Office on or before the program’s application deadline.

Application Materials

The following must be submitted in your application packet:

  • Completed and signed Limited Entry Application and Policy - All pages of the policy must be included with your application.  Please initial and sign the policy where indicated.
  • A signed copy of the program-specific Limited Entry Completion Checklist with all supporting documents. This form must be for the semester, year, and program to which you are applying.
  • Any documents necessary for added points toward your application must be submitted with your Limited Entry Application.  Please review your specified program’s “Selection Criteria” for additional documents necessary for points and for how points are awarded.

Submit your Limited Entry Application and all supporting documents on or before your specified program’s application deadline to the Limited Entry Office at the West Charleston Campus, Building K Room 216. You may submit your completed application either in-person or by mail no more than two months prior to the application deadline.

Note: Applications submitted by email or after the application deadline will not be processed. All pages of the policy must be submitted with your application. Your MyCSN Transfer Credit Report (if applicable) and any other supporting documentation (e.g. work experience, proof of certification, etc.) must also be submitted.

LE Workshop

Before attending or sending a request to complete the Limited Entry Workshop (LEW), you must:

  1. Complete a Health Programs Orientation
  2. Meet with a Health Programs Advisor

More information regarding these requirements, can be found on our Getting Started page.

If the above steps have been completed, you can choose an option below:

  • Complete the LEW online. Send us an email with your full name, NSHE ID#, and email address as they are listed in MyCSN and indicate you would like to complete the online LEW. *Please be aware that it may take up to one week to add the LEW to CANVAS.*
  • Attend the LEW in-person. The schedule can be found here: Limited Entry Workshop - Schedule

Note: If you have completed a Limited Entry Workshop in-person or online within two (2) years of the application deadline, you do not have to repeat it.

Program Checklists

Application Review

You can set up an appointment with the Limited Entry Coordinator in order to review your application. Applications must be submitted to the Limited Entry Office one week in advance to your scheduled appointment.

In order to meet with the Limited Entry Coordinator, you must have:

  • Attended a Health Programs Orientation
  • Met with a Health Programs Advisor
  • Successfully completed the Limited Entry Health Programs Workshop
  • Completed all program requirements and are ready to submit your application to the Limited Entry Office
  • Met the minimum qualifications for the specific Health Sciences Program but have questions or concerns related to the Limited Entry Policy, Process, or Procedures

You can schedule an appointment here.

Contact Us

Limited Entry Office
West Charleston Campus
6375 West Charleston Boulevard
Building K Room 216
Las Vegas, NV 89146

Phone: (702) 651-5633
or e-mail us directly here.