Mentor Requirements & Expectations

Mentor Candidate Eligibility:

  • Mentor candidate must have a college degree from any accredited college or university.
  • Mentor candidate must complete an online application, orientation/training and successfully complete a background check. CSN will cover the cost of the background check. Management will contact interested mentors for background checks based on mentee availability. 
  • Mentor candidate must be willing and able to devote at least 4-5 hours per month to contact mentee.
  • Mentor candidate must commit to at least a two-year (four- semester) commitment to the program. 
    Mentor candidate must commit to at least one hour per week to mentee contact.

Mentor Requirements:

  • Schedule at least one active contact (face-to-face meeting) with mentee per month.
  • Initiate at least one passive contact (email, phone call, etc.) with mentee per month.
  • Provide guidance and support to the student by creating an atmosphere of openness, caring, and concern where meaningful communication and trust can exist.
  • Encourage students to take advantage of other support services within the college.
  • Schedule appointments with the mentee, and call to cancel meetings if emergencies arise.
  • Follow through with appropriate action, if any, after meeting with your mentee.
  • Keep accurate records of each contact with mentee. Submit "Contact Reports" to the BUMP Up website via the provided online form. Do not keep copies of student records. Once the report is submitted online, please work with the program coordinator to arrange for additional student support, if necessary. 
    • Mentor Contact Online Form - link to the online form will be available soon.
  • Encourage students to meet with their professors early in the semester to identify any potential weaknesses in their academic performance.
  • Encourage mentee to keep you informed about his/her academic progress.
  • Participate in most meetings, programs and activities sponsored by the mentoring program.

Note: Mentees and mentors have an option to opt-out of a mentoring relationship, and pending review, they will receive a new assignment as soon as possible. 

To Become a Mentor:

  1. Complete a Mentor Application - After the Mentor Application is successfully completed, the mentor will receive an email notification from MentoryCity to create a mentor profile.
  2. Mentor must take an online training about appropriate mentor and mentee relationships (online training will be available soon) or participate of a BUMP UP Orientation before their first meeting with their assigned mentee.