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Admission Process for New Students

First Steps to Become a CSN Student!

New students must complete the following steps before they are allowed to register for courses.

  1. Apply for admission
  2. Apply for financial aid 
  3. Take placement tests (or submit official advanced placement or ACT/SAT Scores)
  4. Participate in orientation
  5. Meet with an academic advisor or counselor

Once you have applied and been admitted to CSN, you will receive an email with the info you need to set up an account with us. Your MyCSN student account features a Communications Center where you can track your progress, access your To Do List and learn about other important information.

After you become familiar with your MyCSN student account, you are ready to get started on your next steps.  Follow the guided steps at csn.edu/future and you will be on your way. Don't put your education off another day. Act now!

If you have questions related to the enrollment process, call us at 702-651-5555!