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Target Your Goals with the Career Hub

Learn how to effectively search and interview for your next career…while advocating for your educational and career goals.

Rebecca A. Eckland
Rebecca A. Eckland

At the start of a new semester, maybe you are like many CSN students: not only excited about starting new classes and becoming one (or several!) steps closer to your degree, but you’re also excited about finding a new job that can help to support your journey toward your academic and professional goals. Maybe you need a little extra spending money, or maybe you want more on-the-job training that could help you to land the ideal career once you graduate. No matter the reasons why you’ve decided now is the time to find a new job, the good news is that the CSN Career Hub is ready to help you along the way.

Wait…Career Hub? Yes, that’s right! In addition to all the amazing support services offered by our campus community, CSN also has a resource for all of our students who are also job seekers, and who want to know more about how they can develop themselves into ideal job candidates. After all, wasn't your dream job the reason you decided to go to college in the first place?

With career experts ready to meet you wherever you are (they are available by appointment at any CSN location, in-person, by phone or video conference), our staff can help you no matter if you’re just beginning the job search process, if you’re submitting applications, preparing for interviews or if you’re ready to work on your networking skills to meet other professionals just like you.

For more information on the CSN Career Hub, upcoming workshops, and other support services they offer, contact their office at 702-673-7060.