Nevada Promise Scholarship Returning Mentors Update Form

Thank you for your continued interest in being a Mentor to CSN Promise Scholarship Students.  There are three levels of participation as a Mentor and you may choose any or all depending on your interest.

Each level requires a different time commitment and training.  While you may select more than one, please be aware Options 2 & 3 require a personal commitment to one or more students for the entire 2018-2019 Academic Year beginning in August, 2018 through May 2019.  

Levels of Participation


Group mentoring activities with our 2019 applicants.

LEVEL I Includes:

  • Online mentor training refresher
    • Appropriate mentor/mentee relationships
    • NV Promise programmatic information and deadlines
    • College Admissions and Financial Aid Process
  • Mentor up to 10 Promise applicants graduating high school in 2019
    • Supervised group mentoring with an interactive component
    • Mentoring activities will take place at local high schools and all three CSN main locations
Become a one-on-one mentor to Nevada Promise Scholars at CSN.

LEVEL II Includes:

  • Nevada Promise Training refresher
    • Appropriate mentor/mentee relationships
    • Additional mentoring strategies/mentoring guide for Promise
    • NV Promise programmatic information and deadlines
    • CSN Satisfactory Academic Progress and Financial Aid Process
  • Meeting with your mentee(s) a minimum of once per semester
    • Each mentor can work with up to 10 students each year
    • Mentors can use MentorCity (Internet portal) or in-person sessions
      • For initial mentor and mentee pairing
      • Communication tool to keep students informed about upcoming mentoring appointments (in person, phone call or online via Skype), workshop calendars you would like them to consider, approaching academic or Promise deadline reminders, etc.
Apply to be a mentor with the Bump Up Program.

LEVEL III Includes:

  • CSN Mentoring Program that aims to increase the persistence, progression and completion rates of African-American male college students. The mentor is assigned one student for long-term mentoring. Pairing is made based on similar career goals, expertise related to academic skills and technical abilities, and life experience. The mentor must have a college degree from an accredited college or university (AA, BA, MA or Ph.D preferred). For more information please visit

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