Nevada Promise Scholarship - Request for Review and Appeal

Administrative Request for Review and Appeal of Decision
Regarding Compliance with Application Requirements

The Promise Office at CSN carefully reviews the Promise Scholarship applications for compliance with statutory requirements.  CSN cannot waive or change the statutory requirements set by the Nevada Legislature.

If you believe you have complied with the statutory requirements but your application was denied, you may use this form to document why you believe CSN’s decision is incorrect.  The CSN Promise Office will review your Request for Review, and if necessary will request supporting documentation, to respond to you with its final decision. Please use this form for such compliance items as:

  • Review - Technical issues with the Nevada Promise Scholarship application process (provide verification email)
  • Review - Validation of first mandatory online training (provide verification email)
  • Review - Validation of second mandatory online training (provide verification email)
  • Review - Validation of mandatory mentoring session (provide verification email by school counselor)
  • Review - Submission and/or approval of community service hours (provide verification email)
  • Appeal - Completion of FAFSA by April 1 (provide proof of an extenuating circumstance)
  • Appeal - Submission of required Financial Aid documentation by April 30 (provide proof of an extenuating circumstance)

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Student Information
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This form must be submitted within five business days from receiving the form via email. The five business days are not subject to an extension. You will receive an email verification after you submit this form to the email address provided with a Reference Number. Please email your supporting documentation to promise RE: Request for Review_ <Add Reference Number>.  Inability to provide supporting documentation may result in denial. The decision of the Promise Office is final.  If the decision is favorable to the applicant-student, the student is still responsible to complete the eligibility steps as mandated by the law that created the Promise Scholarship.

A member of the CSN Financial Aid Team can provide support to applicants who are considering a Nevada Promise Financial Aid Appeal with information about documenting an extenuating circumstance for consideration to the financial aid committee. Please call 702-651-4303 to learn more.  Financial Aid requests for appeal may take up to 15 days after receipt of required documentation.

I am requesting this review for the following reason:

Please review the Nevada Promise requirement(s) that needs to be reviewed at

Community Service information:
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Mentoring Information:
In detail, please include the reason for your appeal (must be no more than 500 characters).
In detail, please include the reason for your appeal (must be no more than 500 characters).

Certification and statement of understanding:  
I certify that the information contained within this Administrative Request for Review, including all attachments and enclosures, is accurate and truthful. I understand this information may be shared with members of the CSN Promise Office, and as part of my permanent student file, may be reviewed by federal employees, their agents, or others contracted by CSN to evaluate the administration of the Promise Program at CSN.

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