CSN Promise Scholarship Community Service Form

Nevada Promise Scholarship applicants must complete and report 20 hours of community service on or before April 30, 2019 to fulfill one of the mandatory requirements of the scholarship. Community service hours must be completed and documented through an established community organization/partner.

Please enter the information below and print a copy of the confirmation screen for your records. Students must enter their assigned Promise ID number to ensure that the community service hours are counted. If the information provided is incorrect and cannot be matched with the student’s name, the hours will not be counted.

For questions regarding your Promise ID number, please contact the CSN Nevada Promise Team at 702.651.7500 or email Promise.

Promise Applicant Information
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(We will only Validate Dates from July 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019)
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Acknowledgement and Verification of Community Service

I acknowledge that the Nevada Promise Scholarship requires 20 hours of community service to be performed according to the guidelines that have been shared with Promise applicants and are available at www.csn.edu/promise, under "Community Service".

I hereby certify that I personally performed the hours reported and that the information provided here is true and accurate. I acknowledge that I am required to keep a copy of the confirmation of verification that will be issued once I submit this form, and that I am required to keep any documentation associated with the service hours, including, but not limited to, forms provided by the community organization I served.

I also acknowledge that I may be required by the CSN Promise Team to present documentation to verify the service hours and that failure to produce such documentation may disqualify me from receiving the Nevada Promise Scholarship.

Having read and understood this certification, I submit this CSN Promise Scholarship Community Service Form electronically by clicking the submit button below.