Scholarship Requirements for Nevada Promise New Applicants

CSN Priority Deadlines

After applying for the Nevada Promise Scholarship, the following dates are suggested to help maintain eligibility for Promise and to be considered for additional programming.

  • Apply to CSN on or before October 31, 2019 for priority consideration.
  • Complete the 2020-21 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on or before December 31, 2019.
    • The 2020-21 FAFSA will be available Oct. 1, 2019.
    • If the student is prohibited by law from completing the FAFSA, then the student must complete the Nevada Promise Scholarship FAFSA Alternative Acknowledgement Form (available at a later date) affirming said prohibition.
  • Enroll in a minimum of 12 credits fall 2020 on or before July 1, 2020.
    • ​Credits must be applicable to an eligible program of study. 
    • Fall enrollment opens in May 2020 & classes begin August 2020. Register for courses via MyCSN.
    • As of July 1, the CSN Financial Aid Office will start applying the Promise Scholarship to eligible students enrolled in courses applicable to their declared major.

Nevada Promise Scholarship Deadlines


Applicants must complete the following steps to qualify for the Nevada Promise Scholarship:

October 31, 2019 Deadline

  • Apply for the Nevada Promise Scholarship Application on or before October 31, 2019.
    • Make sure your contact information and CCSD Student ID Number is correct to avoid missing essential communications about your application.
    • If you are enrolled in a CSN Dual Enrollment Program, please provide your NSHE ID number at the time of application.
    • An acknowledgment email will be sent verifying successful completion of your application, please save this email for your records.
    • If you do not receive an acknowledgement email, check your spam folder. If issues persist, contact the Promise Office at 702.651.7500.

March 1, 2020 Deadline

  • Apply to the College of Southern Nevada (CSN).
    • Review and initiate CSN First Steps which include: Orientation, Placement Testing, and Academic Advising
  • Complete the 2020-21 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on or before March 1, 2020.
    • Follow up with the CSN Financial Aid Office at 702.651.4303 to determine if additional documentation is needed.
    • If the student is prohibited by law from completing the FAFSA, then the student must complete the Non-FAFSA Filer Acknowledgement form and submit to the CSN Financial Aid Office.
  • Complete a mandatory training on or before March 1, 2020.
    • CSN Online New Student Orientation must be completed in order to meet the training requirement.
    • Access the online New Student Orientation via your MyCSN account, go to your Student Center and select the Online Orientation link.
    • An NSHE ID and access to your MyCSN account is required to complete the training.
    • Document completion of the online orientation for your records.
      • Screenshot of the completion page of the online orientation.
      • Screenshot that includes a date demonstrating removal of the Orientation Hold in your MyCSN account.
    • If you experience technical difficulties or need assistance viewing the online orientation, please contact First Year Experience at 702.651.2727.

July 1, 2020 Deadline (extension was approved by NSHE Board of Regents on May 5, 2020)

  • After submitting the FAFSA and if selected for additional verification, this must be completed on or before July 1, 2020.
    • Contact the CSN Financial Aid Office to determine if any additional documentation is needed.
    • Required documents may include tax transcripts which must be obtained from the IRS or other official documents. 
  • Complete and submit eight hours of community service on or before July 1, 2020.
    • Review the Promise Community Service page for information on how to report your hours and a list of suggested organizations.
  • Participate in one mentor activity on or before July 1, 2020.
    • Mentoring information and details will be provided via email in March.

Additional Mentoring Information

CSN will match students and mentors and provide mentor contact information to students/parents in March via email. Please contact the Nevada Promise Scholarship Office to confirm or update your email address if necessary.

The Nevada Promise Scholarship office will match students with mentors once students have completed the following scholarship steps:

  • CSN Admissions Form
  • FAFSA Application
  • Complete and submit at least four (4) of the 8 hours of community service
  • CSN’s required placement testing (or officially provided ACT/SAT qualifying scores)

Mentor pairing will be provided in a first-come first-served basis. It is important to complete the requirements as soon as possible.

It is the responsibility of the student to engage with their assigned mentor to schedule the “Meet-and-Greet” date and time. Instructions will be provided via email to the mentor and the student about event availability and registration.

Applicants will be asked to turn in the signed Parent/Guardian Authorization for Mentoring Support Form during check-in at the initial Meet and Greet session. All students are required to turn in the form. Minor students must obtain their parental or guardian consent to receive mentoring services from a Nevada Promise qualified mentor. Completing the document will be the confirmation that the student added their assigned mentor to their third-party release in their official student record in MyCSN before attending the “Meet-and-Greet” event.

Click on this form: Promise - Parent/Guardian Authorization for Mentoring Support. Print and obtain the necessary signatures and submit during the Meet-and-Greet event at CSN.  

The following items are important information on the mentoring process through Nevada Promise and how you will be paired, exchange information and meet.

  1. I will receive contact information for my assigned mentor. I understand that the purpose of the contact information exchange is for establishing mentoring meetings and for mentoring purposes only. Mentor-Mentee Assignments will be communicated via email starting in March. 
  2. Prior to my enrollment at CSN, I will provide Directory Information (contact information) to my assigned CSN Promise Scholarship Mentor.  There may be a possibility that not enough mentors have signed up and completed the process by the deadline. Mentor pairing will be provided on a first-come first-served basis. It is important to complete the requirements as soon as possible. 
  3. I understand that it is my responsibility to engage with my assigned mentor during the Nevada Promise Scholarship Program. 
  4. Contact your mentor to schedule a time/date for your first in-person “Meet-and-Greet” event at CSN to fulfill your mentor meeting requirement. “Meet-and-Greet” events are scheduled at the three main CSN campuses at different dates and times. Please work with your mentor to reserve the date/time that best fits your needs. You will find more instructions on how to RSVP via email.
  5. IMPORTANT: Bring an official photo identification (High School Identification (with picture), Government Issued Document or a tarjeta consular, etc) and the Parent/Guardian Authorization for Mentoring Support Form to the event.